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ES indispensable
{adjective masculine/feminine}

indispensable (also: imprescindible, irrenunciable)
En estas difíciles circunstancias resulta indispensable la capacidad de mando.
In these difficult circumstances, leadership is indispensable.
Su presencia es condición indispensable para la obra de la nueva evangelización.
Their presence in the Church is indispensable in the work of the new evangelization.
En cualquier caso, creo que el diálogo es indispensable, y no sólo en el Parlamento.
But I think dialogue is indispensable, and not just at the level of Parliament.

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SpanishEn estas difíciles circunstancias resulta indispensable la capacidad de mando.
It does not help to develop a social and employment policy for our own time.
SpanishEs indispensable que los consumidores puedan tomar decisiones activas e informadas.
That is a precondition of consumers being able to make active and informed choices.
SpanishLa estabilidad es condición indispensable del crecimiento y el empleo en la UEM.
Stability is the prerequisite for growth and employment in Economic and Monetary Union.
SpanishEs indispensable un régimen transparente y comprensible para los gastos de viaje.
It is imperative that rules for travel costs should be transparent and comprehensible.
SpanishEn este sentido, es, indispensable que este asunto se aborde a nivel europeo.
As such, it is imperative that this issue is addressed on a European level.
SpanishEsta exigencia es indispensable si se quiere formar parte de la comunidad europea.
This requirement is irrevocable for membership of the European Community.
SpanishSubsiste una cuestión de fondo: es indispensable revisar ciertos mecanismos de la OMC.
There is still one fundamental matter: we must revise some of the WTO's mechanisms.
SpanishPor ello creo que esta directiva es necesaria y, de hecho, indispensable.
These proposals lessen the requirement to speak English across air traffic control.
SpanishPara llevar adelante el plan de acción, es indispensable lanzar nuevas iniciativas.
It is inevitable that new initiatives will be required to move the action plan forward.
SpanishTal acceso es en efecto una condición indispensable para el ejercicio de su libertad.
Such access is indeed a vital condition for the exercise of their freedom.
SpanishMe parece, pues, indispensable ir más lejos que la resolución actual.
It seems to me, therefore, that we have to go further than the current resolution.
SpanishEs indispensable llevar a cabo con prudencia todo ajuste jurídico entre países distintos.
Legal approximation between countries must always be handled very carefully.
SpanishDada esta situación, creemos que, en cualquier caso, es indispensable posponer la votación.
I can assure you, Mr Baco, that everything has been done perfectly correctly.
SpanishÉsta es la condición indispensable para reconciliarlos con la política.
This is the sine qua non condition for reconciling the popular and political spheres.
SpanishPero antes es indispensable que la Unión Europea adopte una postura unánime.
The prerequisite for this, however, is also that the European Union speaks with one voice.
SpanishOtro requisito indispensable es que sea interpretado de la misma forma por ambas partes.
A further prerequisite is that it must be interpreted in the same way by both parties.
SpanishEs indispensable tener esto presente, so pena de confundir causa y consecuencia.
It is vital to bear that in mind or otherwise be in danger of confusing cause and consequence.
SpanishEs absolutamente indispensable que no haya distorsión alguna del mercado a ese respecto.
It is absolutely vital that there should be no distortion of the market in this regard.
SpanishEl cribado, ciertamente indispensable, solo es, de hecho, una medida de prevención secundaria.
To this end, awareness campaigns, which seek to inform the public, are imperative.
Spanish¿En qué plazo será propuesto este texto indispensable, señor Comisario?
Within what timeframe, Commissioner, will this crucial text be proposed?