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ES insecticidas
{masculine plural}

Entonces ya no necesito emplear insecticidas, una ventaja ecológica.
There would then be no need to spray insecticides - good news for the environment!
Es evidente que los insecticidas, por su naturaleza, son tóxicos para las abejas.
It is evident that insecticides are, by their nature, toxic to bees.
Los insecticidas repercuten en las abejas al ser rociados sobre las plantas.
Insecticides have a knock-on effect on bees as a result of being sprayed on plants.

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SpanishSin duda esté repleta de productos químicos e insecticidas peligrosos, y probablemente esté podrida por dentro.
This is the most important proposal on environmental issues that we have dealt with for many years in the EU system.
SpanishEn nuestros países, el invierno y el frío son los responsables de que haya menos residuos de insecticidas que en los países meridionales.
We have a winter, with cold conditions, which sees to it that there is less residual pesticide about than in the countries of the south.