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{adjective masculine plural}

La resolución también contiene algunas otras medidas y propuestas interesantes.
The resolution also contains a number of other interesting measures and proposals.
El Informe Sutherland proporcionó algunas ideas interesantes a este respecto.
The Sutherland Report provided some interesting ideas in this regard.
Se pueden hacer algunas consideraciones interesantes sobre la situación actual.
There are a number of very interesting comments we can make on the current situation.

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SpanishEn el informe hay muchas ideas interesantes acerca del mercado laboral del futuro.
The report contains many excellent ideas about the labour market in the future.
SpanishAndersson contiene muchas cosas interesantes.
Mr President, Mr Andersson' s report contains a lot that is of interest.
SpanishAndersson contiene muchas cosas interesantes.
Mr President, Mr Andersson's report contains a lot that is of interest.
SpanishEnmiendas muy interesantes que no fueron al final aceptadas por el Consejo.
These are amendments that were relevant but that were not finally accepted by the Council.
SpanishTambién creo que las sugerencias que contiene la enmienda 84 son interesantes.
That is why there is the danger that there will be drastic and unjust changes in aid to farms.
SpanishEl botón +1 de la barra Google te permite iniciar interesantes conversaciones en la Web.
The +1 button in Toolbar lets you start great conversations on the web.
SpanishSeñor Presidente, Señorías, gracias por sus interesantes comentarios sobre el Libro blanco.
Mr President, honourable Members, thank you for your valuable views on the White Paper.
SpanishEs verdad que ustedes tienen proyectos muy interesantes en materia fiscal.
It is true that you do have plans that attract me in fiscal matters.
SpanishOfrece unas perspectivas interesantes que quisiera desarrollar en ciertos aspectos.
He has identified some valid points, certain aspects of which I would like to examine more closely.
SpanishEstas son las cuestiones realmente críticas e interesantes ante las que nos encontramos.
These are the really crucial and exciting questions which we face.
SpanishSeñor Presidente, durante los últimos días han ocurrido cosas muy interesantes en esta Cámara.
Mr President, over the last few days we in this House have seen exciting things happening.
SpanishBien, nos espera por tanto una serie de interesantes y apasionados debates.
The aim of the Presidency is to have the basic principles and directives discussed by December 2004.
SpanishMe voy a referir solamente a algunos de ellos que me parecen especialmente interesantes.
I should just like to mention a few of those areas that appear to me to be of particular interest.
SpanishStevenson en su informe son muy interesantes.
In this sense, the many suggestions made by Mr Stevenson in his report are of great value.
SpanishMi colega Myller ha manifestado interesantes puntos de vista que tenemos que considerar.
I think that Mrs Myller expressed a lot of points of view in her statement which we must make good use of.
SpanishLas imágenes permiten crear presentaciones más interesantes.
Images are a good way to make your presentations more colorful.
SpanishPuede que recuerden los interesantes debates en el pleno que acompañaron al nombramiento de esta Comisión.
You may recall the exciting plenary debates that accompanied this Commission's appointment.
SpanishLa investigación ha revelado pues algunos aspectos interesantes por lo que creemos conveniente su continuación.
So the research has so far yielded all this and it would seem a good idea to extend it.
SpanishDe esta acusación se extraen dos observaciones interesantes.
Two salient comments are in order as regards this accusation.
SpanishSeñor Presidente, como usted seguramente sabe, en este momento están sucediendo cosas muy interesantes en Cuba.
Mr President, as you must know, a lot of exciting things are happening in Cuba right now.