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ES irreprimible
{adjective masculine/feminine}

irreprimible (also: imparable, indómito)

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SpanishPorque es urgente que la profesión europea de los abogados se organice para adaptarse al hecho irreprimible de la mundialización de los intercambios comerciales.
Because it is a matter of urgency for the European legal profession to organize itself in order to adapt to the inescapable reality of the globalization of world trade.
SpanishLas elecciones a la Asamblea constituyente en Timor Oriental coronaron un irreprimible proceso democrático que honra a las Naciones Unidas y sobre todo al pueblo de Timor Oriental.
Elections to the constituent Assembly in East Timor have been the crowning glory of an impeccable democratic process that does honour to the United Nations and, above all, to the people of Timor.