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ES magisterio

1. general

magisterio (also: cátedra)

2. "conjunto de maestros"

Unos deben estudiar primero lenguas, otros deben estudiar magisterio.
Teachers need to be trained first and books need to be written first; and that is not something which can be done overnight and it is not something which can cover the whole country straight away.
magisterio (also: profesorado)

3. "carrera"

where did you do your teacher training?
No se están creando escuelas de magisterio –para las que hemos dado dinero–, con la endeble excusa de que la región no puede abrir ninguna cuenta.
The teacher training colleges – for which we have given money – are not being established, with the flimsy excuse that the region is unable to set up any accounts.

4. "enseñanza"

la misma ley divina, dóciles al Magisterio de la Iglesia, que interpreta
conscience ought to be conformed to the law of God in the light of the teaching
Al reflexionar nuevamente sobre este texto maravilloso del Magisterio
As we reflect again on this stupendous text from the Council's teaching, we
Este magisterio está presente, como uno de los principios
While the above teaching is an underlying principle of all the documents

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Spanishla luz del Magisterio y de la orientación pastoral de este Concilio, podemos
light of the magisterium and pastoral orientation of that Councils we can look
Spanishde la liturgia, del magisterio y de la vida de la Iglesia (50); debe haber
Scripture, Tradition, the liturgy, the magisterium and the life of the Church;
Spanishconforme al magisterio de la Iglesia (94), a fin de dar una contribución
of liberation in conformity with the magisterium of the Church, so as to be able
SpanishPor ello, el Magisterio propone con claridad a todos los esposos cristianos
Thus (the Magisterium)...reaffirms and reproposes with clarity the Church's
Spanishotras intervenciones del Magisterio ordinario del Sumo Pontífice, sino
and other documents of the ordinary Magisterium of the Supreme Pontiff, but only
Spanishconvencido una vez más de que el magisterio del Concilio Vaticano II, y
confirmed in my conviction that the magisterium of the Second Vatican Council,
Spanishde los documentos del Magisterio, de la liturgia, de la espiritualidad y
the Magisterium, liturgy, spirituality and theology should constitute the
Spanishdirectivas del Magisterio, y no contradice la unidad deseada por el Señor.
it must never go against the Church unity that was willed by the Lord.
SpanishAl final del presente folleto se proponen los documentos del Magisterio
At the end of this booklet, the documents of the Magisterium dealing with
SpanishEl texto, redactado sobre la segura base del magisterio extraordinario y
This text was drawn up based on the solid foundation of the ordinary and
SpanishIglesia en América, en comunión con el Magisterio del Santo Padre,
America, in communion with the Magisterium of the Holy Father, is conscious of
Spanishpor el Magisterio de la Iglesia, en los que no hay fractura sino armónica
the Magisterium of the Church, avoid divisions and promote harmonious
SpanishMagisterio, posee una rica tradición espiritual, bíblico-teológica,
with a spiritual, biblical-theological tradition which has formed not only
SpanishEl Magisterio de la Iglesia ha reiterado varias veces la necesidad de
The Church's Magisterium has often restated the need for this manner of
Spanishen completa fidelidad al magisterio de la Iglesia sobre la malicia del acto contraceptivo.
Reconciliation, in complete fidelity to the Magisterium of the Church.
Spanishdesarrollo de los documentos del supremo Magisterio de la Iglesia,
of the documents of the supreme Magisterium of the Church, we find in them
Spanishtodos mis Predecesores han dedicado a la familia una significativa parte de su "magisterio
all my Predecessors have devoted a significant part of their "Petrine
Spanishmagisterio del Vaticano II, expuesto en la constitución pastoral
her Magisterium, from that of the Second Vatican Council, set forth in the
SpanishMagisterio no debe intervenir en cuestiones morales más que para «exhortar a
of intervening in matters of morality only in order to "exhort
Spanishsea absolutamente conforme al magisterio eclesial y que el clima sea
of the ecclesiastical magisterium and they must be imbued with a true