ES matarse

to die {v.i.} (violently)
matarse (also: suicidarse)
to top oneself {r. v.} [Brit.] [slg.] (commit suicide)

Context sentences for "matarse" in English

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SpanishLa elección es, pues, o matarse a trabajar o no tener trabajo.
The choice is therefore between working yourself to death and having no work at all.
Spanishestuvo a punto de matarse en el accidente
he came within an inch of being killed in the accident
Spanishestuvo a punto de matarse en el accidente
Spanishtuvo suerte de no matarse
Spanishmatarse trabajando
SpanishLa misma que a menudo las induce a matarse entre sí y, a veces, incluso conduce a naciones enteras a luchar unas contra otras.
Despite the brave efforts made by the World Anti-Doping Agency, its incidence appears to be growing faster and faster, especially amongst professional sportsmen.
Spanishmatarse en algo
SpanishQue cada cual sea lo que quiera, porque si Irlanda e Inglaterra están en la Unión Europea no vale la pena matarse por si uno es irlandés o inglés.
Everyone can be what they want to be because, if Ireland and Britain are both in the European Union, there is no point in killing each other for being Irish or British.
SpanishPuesto que no podemos evitar que la carne se consuma, si los animales han de ser sacrificados, deben matarse en sus países de origen y transportarse a otros países como cadáveres.
While we cannot stop the meat being consumed, if animals are to be slaughtered, they must be slaughtered in their countries of origin and transported to other countries as carcasses.