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ES mentido
{past participle}

Desde el principio, señora Presidenta, se ha mentido a las naciones, se ha mentido a los pueblos.
From the very start, Madam President, the nations and peoples of Europe have been lied to.
the fact that you lied puts you in the wrong
así que me habías mentido, ¿muy bonito, eh?
so you'd lied to me; that was nice, wasn't it?

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SpanishGrecia ha mentido al Banco Central Europeo sobre la situación de su economía durante diez años.
Greece has been lying to the European Central Bank for the last 10 years about the state of its economy.
SpanishSeñor Presidente, resulta triste comprobar cómo los representantes de Rhône-Poulenc han mentido acerca del contenido de acrilamidas en este material.
Mr President, it is sad to realise that the representatives of Rhone Poulenc have been lying about the Acryl amide content of this material.