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muchas noun
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mucha adjective
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¡felicidades! noun
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SpanishMuchas gracias y felicidades a mi colega, la señora corola, por su excelente trabajo.
Thank you very much, and congratulations to my colleague Mrs Korhola for her excellent work.
SpanishSeñor Presidente, quisiera desear al distinguido diputado muchas felicidades para mañana.
Mr President, I should like to wish the honourable Member many happy returns for tomorrow.
SpanishSeñora Presidenta, muchas felicidades por un excelente informe.
Madam President, my sincere congratulations to the rapporteur on an excellent report.
SpanishSeñor Presidente, muchas felicidades señor Comisario Fischler.
Mr President, my warmest congratulations to you, Commissioner Fischler.
SpanishMuchas felicidades.
I have just learned that it is Mr Böge's birthday today, and wish to offer him my sincere congratulations.
SpanishMuchas gracias y le deseo muchas felicidades en su profesión.
Thank you very much and I wish you every success in your profession.
SpanishSeñora Presidenta, muchas felicidades por sentarse hoy allí.
Madam President, congratulations on being seated there today.
SpanishPor lo tanto, muchas felicidades para usted y para sus familiares.
Therefore, best wishes to you and to your family.
SpanishLe deseo muchas felicidades para la Presidencia y para Bélgica.
I wish the presidency and Belgium every success.
Spanish¡Muchas felicidades por este convincente resultado!
Many congratulations on this convincing result!
Spanish¡Muchas felicidades a ambos diputados!
Warm congratulations to both Members!
Spanish. - Señor Presidente, muchas felicidades a la ponente por su excelente trabajo.
Draftsman of the opinion of the Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety. - Mr President, many congratulations to the rapporteur for her excellent work.

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