mudarse {verb}

1. general
mudarse (also: cambiarse)
to move around {vb} (change residence)
to move away {vb} (move house)
mudarse (also: cambiarse)
to move in {vb} (set up home)
Una de las razones son las dificultades que supone mudarse a otro país.
One of the reasons for this is that it is extremely difficult to move to a different country.
Y esta gente no tiene la posibilidad de mudarse a otro lado ni de hacer cultivos alternativos.
And these people cannot move elsewhere or turn to alternative crops.
La OAMI se está encargando de todo esto y espera poder mudarse al nuevo edificio en junio.
The OHIM is now in the process of arranging this and is expecting to move into the new premises by June.
mudarse (also: irse, cambiarse)
to move out {vb} (leave accommodation)
mudarse (also: trasladarse)
to remove {v.i.} [Brit.] [form.] (change address)
3. "de casa"

Context sentences for "mudarse" in English

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SpanishSe deporta a las personas, se las obliga a mudarse y se las somete a torturas.
People are being driven out, being forced from their homes and killed.
Spanishes una chinga mudarse de casa