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goatskin {noun} (as container)
odre (also: pellejo)
skin {noun} (for water, wine)
Está vendiendo vino viejo en odres nuevas.
You are selling old wine in new skins.
“VINO NUEVO EN ODRES NUEVOS” Encuentro de Ministros y Custodios (Roma, 16 de enero de 2012)
“NEW WINE IN NEW WINE SKINS” Meeting of Ministers and Custodes (Rome, January 16, 2012)
odre (also: pellejo, cuero)
New wine in old wineskin (cf.

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SpanishSería como abrir el odre de Eolo; y quien siembra vientos...
In short, this is a Trojan horse that will change the tone of the report and allow all hell to break loose.