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"¡oye!" in English

¡oye! {interj.}
oye {interj.}

ES ¡oye!

1. general

hey {interj.} (expressing dismay, protest, indignation)
hey, how about going to the movies?
hey you, leave some for me!
hey pal, who do you think you are?

2. colloquial

say {interj.} [Amer.] [coll.]
Se presenta a Grecia, y esto se oye también aquí ahora, como la eterna mendiga.
And Greece is said to be always on the scrounge, as we are now hearing here, whereas this is not true.
A menudo se oye decir que Europa se ocupa " demasiado» de todo.
We often hear it said that Europe is involved in too many things.
A menudo se oye decir que Europa se ocupa "demasiado» de todo.
We often hear it said that Europe is involved in too many things.

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Spanish¡Combatid, pues, por la causa de Dios, y sabed que Dios todo lo oye, es omnisciente.
Fight then in the way of Allah, and know that Allah is both Hearer and Knower.
SpanishAhora se oye como justificación que más de 11 millones no se pueden administrar.
The reason given is that more than ECU 11 million cannot be administered.
SpanishLa única dificultad es que aún no se la oye, ésa es la verdadera dificultad.
The only difficulty is that Europe is not always heard that is the problem.
SpanishSe oye a menudo que muchos manifestantes denuncian "la ruptura" entre el país y los jóvees.
Often many demonstrators claim a "breakdown" between the nation and the young.
Spanishaún cuando Suyo es todo lo que reposa de noche y de día, y sólo Él todo lo oye, todo lo sabe.
His is whatsoever dwells in the night or in the day, He is Hearer and Knower.
Spanishsus peleas me tienen sin cuidado: los oigo como quien oye llover
I don't pay any attention to their quarreling, I just let it all wash over me
Spanishdonde ya no se oye hablar de Cristo, es decir, los nuevos areópagos
where Christ is not mentioned, i.e., today's new areopagus of which Pope
SpanishCuando ahora se le oye hablar, se puede afirmar con toda seguridad que nunca la ha leído.
When you hear him speak now you are convinced that he never read it.
SpanishEn verdad, Dios os exhorta a algo excelente: ciertamente, Dios en verdad todo lo oye, todo lo ve.
Verily, excellent is what He admonishes you; verily, for Allah is both Hearer and Seer.
SpanishEsa cumbre es un primer paso, se oye a menudo las últimas semanas.
This summit is a first step, is what has frequently been heard during these past few weeks.
SpanishPero el Parlamento Europeo no lo oye, claramente, con ese sentido.
However, the European Parliament is clearly not satisfied with this.
SpanishLa calidad del sonido es tan ínfima que no se oye prácticamente nada.
The sound quality is so poor that we cannot hear anything at all!
SpanishEscucha a los ciudadanos y oye algo totalmente diferente.
He is listening to the people and hearing something completely different.
SpanishPara empezar, nadie oye la voz de Europa en la escena internacional.
For starters, no one hears the EU's voice on the world stage.
Spanishpues, ¡en verdad, sólo Él todo lo oye, es omnisciente!
And your postures (or movements) among those who prostrate themselves (in obeisance).
Spanishoye, monada, hoy te toca fregar los platos que yo lo hice ayer
listen buddy, it's your turn to do the dishes, I did them yesterday
SpanishMe decía un armador francés, hace menos de diez minutos, que la Comisión oye pero no escucha.
A French shipowner told me less than ten minutes ago that the Commission hears but does not listen.
Spanishestá siempre pegado a la puerta a ver si oye lo que digo
he always has an ear to the door to see if he can catch what I'm saying
SpanishSe oye la sangre de tu hermano clamar a mí desde el suelo.
The voice of your brother's blood is crying to me from the ground.
SpanishNo existe poder capaz de alterar [el cumplimiento de] Sus promesas: y sólo Él todo lo oye, todo lo sabe.
There is none to change His words, for He is Hearer and Knower.