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pajarito {masculine}

1. general
watch the birdie!
pajarito (also: pío-pío)
watch the dickeybird!
2. "cría", zoology
3. "pene", colloquial
pajarito (also: chichí)
weeny {noun} [Amer.] [coll.]
willy {noun} [Brit.] [coll.]
4. "pájaro", zoology, colloquial
— a little bird told me
a little bird told me

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Spanish— me lo dijo un pajarito
how did you know? — a little bird told me
Spanishun pajarito me lo contó
Spanish¡mira el pajarito!
Spanish¡mira el pajarito!
SpanishPorque me ha dicho un pajarito que cuantas menos posibilidades haya de un avance tecnológico decisivo, más posibilidades habrá de lograr un acuerdo internacional.
Because somebody told me that the less chance there is of a technology breakthrough, the bigger the chance to have an international agreement.