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pianista {masculine/feminine}

1. music
Pero detener por ello el proceso de unificación europea supondría matar al pianista.
To stop the European process of integration for that reason would be like shooting the pianist.
es bastante buen pianista, pero nunca alcanzará su nivel
he's quite a good pianist but he'll never get up to her standard
no es un buen pianista ni mucho menos
he isn't a good pianist, far from it

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SpanishLes ruego, por lo tanto, que no disparen contra el pianista. Éste soy yo, ¡y estoy dispuesto a defenderme!
So don't shoot me, I'm only the piano player, and I shoot back!
SpanishNosotros somos el pianista.
If you believe, with a majority, that you have to adopt a different position, you can do so, but do not shoot the pianists, in other words, us.