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ES polvorosa

1. colloquial

polvorosa (also: camino, carretera, ruta, rada)
road {noun}

Context sentences for "polvorosa" in English

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SpanishY, entonces, los responsables ponen pies en polvorosa.
And then those who are responsible take to their heels.
SpanishEl sector privado ha descubierto enseguida que le estaban dando gato por liebre y ha puesto pies en polvorosa.
The private sector has been quick to spot the pig in a poke and has shown Galileo a clean pair of heels.
Spanishbasta hablarle de trabajo para que ponga los pies en polvorosa
mention work and you won't see him for dust
Spanishen cuanto lo ví, puse pies en polvorosa
when I saw him, I beat a hasty retreat
SpanishDesaparecidos, dispersos por la naturaleza, más de 600 de estos ilegales se han esfumado milagrosamente, han puesto pies en polvorosa.
They have disappeared, melted into the background, over 600 of these illegal immigrants have miraculously vanished, they have done a disappearing act.