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ES protagonizar
[protagonizando|protagonizado] {transitive verb}

1. film & TV

to play the lead role in {vb}

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SpanishViajar a España es protagonizar un viaje que no olvidarás nunca.
Taking a trip to Spain will give you an experience that you will never forget.
SpanishLa UE debe protagonizar la reafirmación mundial de los conceptos de sostenibilidad.
The EU should be at the forefront of the worldwide affirmation of sustainable development concepts.
SpanishMe he referido antes a la cuestión de Chechenia, que desgraciadamente puede protagonizar la cumbre que se inicia mañana.
Earlier I referred to the question of Chechnya, which will unfortunately dominate the summit which begins tomorrow.
SpanishTenemos grandes expectativas porque sabemos que los países pequeños como Irlanda son normalmente capaces de protagonizar Presidencias eficaces y enérgicas.
We have high expectations, because we know that small countries such as Ireland are usually able to provide effective and energetic Presidencies.
SpanishHemos visto los sólidos preparativos llevados a cabo por las autoridades húngaras para esta tarea, con vistas a protagonizar una Presidencia muy energética en este semestre tan importante.
We have seen the solid preparation made by the Hungarian authorities for this task, with a view to being a very energetic Presidency in this important semester.