ES protegerse
{reflexive verb}

1. general

No se ha facilitado información fiable ni objetiva sobre la amenaza de epidemia, ni sobre el modo de protegerse en caso de epidemia.
No reliable and objective information on the threat of an epidemic was made available, nor was information provided on how to protect oneself in the case of an epidemic.

2. "contra o de algo"

protegerse (also: evitar, prevenir)

Context sentences for "protegerse" in English

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SpanishLa religión ha de protegerse del Estado, y del Estado europeo en particular.
Religion should be protected from the State - the European State, in particular.
SpanishLos moderados creemos que el medio marino es importante y debe protegerse.
We Moderates believe that the marine environment is important and should be protected.
SpanishCon respecto a los acuerdos ACP, éstos deben protegerse íntegramente.
With regard to the ACP agreements, they must be protected as an integral whole.
SpanishEn casi todos los casos, los hábitats han de gestionarse y protegerse de alguna manera.
In nearly all cases, habitats have to be managed and somehow protected.
SpanishDeben protegerse los derechos de todos los trabajadores, los regulares y los que no lo son.
The rights of all workers must be protected, whether they be legal or not.
SpanishAhora se nos dice, por ejemplo, que los profesores tienen que protegerse de los niños ruidosos.
We are now told, for example, that teachers must be protected from noisy children.
SpanishEn el Reino Unido, las turberas se consideran un hábitat precioso que debe protegerse.
In the UK, peat land is regarded as precious habitat to be protected.
SpanishQueremos evitar que Nigeria adopte esta ley so pretexto de protegerse contra el sida.
We want to prevent Nigeria from adopting this law on the pretext of protection against AIDS.
SpanishA mi juicio, la naturaleza debe protegerse, pero mediante la acción humana.
In my view, nature needs to be protected, but through human action.
SpanishEstas políticas no pueden protegerse de las concentraciones de oligopolios.
These are policies which cannot be safeguarded from the operation of oligopoly concentrations.
SpanishDebe protegerse a los consumidores en términos de responsabilidad en caso de que surjan fallos.
In terms of liability in the case of failure, consumers should be protected.
SpanishEs absurdo, el software debe protegerse, como todos los lenguajes, mediante los derechos de autor.
It is absurd, software should be protected by author’s rights like every language.
SpanishAsí podrían protegerse a sí mismos en caso de anulaciones de vuelos.
They could probably then cover themselves against flight cancellations.
SpanishEn el Norte hay dos mares que deben protegerse de catástrofes.
There are two seas in the north, which have to be protected from catastrophe.
SpanishLas mujeres mayores tienen muchas dificultades para protegerse a sí mismas.
Elderly women have greater difficulty in protecting themselves.
SpanishEn segundo lugar, creo que deben protegerse los derechos de los migrantes.
Secondly, I believe that migrants' rights need to be protected.
SpanishEstos son intereses realmente importantes que deben protegerse.
These are certainly extremely important interests that must be protected.
SpanishSe trata de vidas y las vidas humanas deben protegerse siempre.
We are dealing with lives here and human lives must always be protected.
SpanishYa es extremadamente útil tal y como está, pero también tiene que aplicarse y protegerse.
It is already extremely useful in its current form, but it also needs to be applied and protected.
SpanishPor estos motivos, es una herramienta que debe protegerse celosamente.
For these reasons, this is a tool that must be closely guarded.