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quien pronoun
quién pronoun
SE noun
se pronoun
Se noun
beneficiar verb
quiénes pronoun
ser noun
ser verb
saber noun
saber verb

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SpanishLa gestión de la demanda es un servicio que debe correr a cargo de quienes se benefician de él.
The management of demand is a service, and as such must be paid for by those who reap its benefits.
SpanishAdemás, son los trabajadores quienes se benefician más de todo esto, porque proporciona flexibilidad, que les favorece.
Furthermore, it is the workers who benefit most from this, because it provides for flexibility, which is in their interests.
SpanishEl Ministro competente dijo lo siguiente: «No se preocupen por lo que hacemos en Grecia, son las empresas extranjeras quienes se benefician
The competent Minister said as much: 'Do not concern yourselves with what we are doing in Greece, foreign companies benefit'.
SpanishEn teoría sirve para que las empresas que experimentan dificultades puedan acceder a préstamos bonificados pero yo me pregunto: ¿quiénes se benefician realmente?
In theory it is there to make soft loans available to struggling businesses, but who are, in fact, the recipients?
SpanishEl Ministro competente dijo lo siguiente:« No se preocupen por lo que hacemos en Grecia, son las empresas extranjeras quienes se benefician
First, I conclude from his answer that Commissioner McCreevy and the Commission are always open to dialogue and that is a very, very positive point.
SpanishNo obstante, señor Comisario, quiero hablar de otro problema, planteado por quienes se benefician de los programas y quienes los ejecutan.
I would, however, Commissioner, like to address one other problem, one that has been raised by those who benefit from the programmes and by those who run them.
SpanishSin la cooperación de las víctimas, nunca podremos garantizar la presentación ante un tribunal y la debida declaración de culpabilidad de quienes se benefician de esa trata.
Without the cooperation of the victims, we can never make sure that those who profit from this traffic are brought before a court and are duly convicted.
Spanish- en séptimo lugar, la lucha contra la trata de seres humanos, teniendo en cuenta a quienes se benefician de este negocio y a quienes prestan ayuda a las víctimas de la trata.
- in seventh place, combating trafficking in human beings, calling to account those who profit from this business and providing support for the victims of trafficking.

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