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ramillete (also: aroma, ramo, cumplido, buque)
Señor Presidente, me parece que hoy usted se está llevando un hermoso ramillete hecho con la variedad de nuestros pueblos, la variedad de nuestras culturas y lenguas.
Mr President, you seem to be being presented today with a bouquet made up of all the different cultures and languages of our various nations.
bunch {noun} (small)
ramillete (also: ramo de flores)
posy {noun}
spray {noun} (bunch)
a spray of flowers

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SpanishDos años después, Marshall ya necesitaba un almacén mucho más grande y vendía sus amplis a un buen ramillete de guitarristas locales.
Within two years, Marshall needed a bigger factory, and his amps were gaining favor among a new crop of local guitar players.