ES rasca

1. Southern Cone, colloquial

rasca (also: chabacano, hortera, naco)
trailer park {noun} [Amer.] [coll.] (friend)
rasca (also: hortera, de naco, de mal gusto)
trailer park {noun} [Amer.] [coll.] (hair style)

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SpanishSi en el campo Buscar se introduce " rasca " y en el campo Reemplazar con se introduce "&cielos " al Reemplazar se obtiene "Rascacielos ".
" Window " in the Search for field and " &frame " in the Replace with fields returns " window frame " with Replace.
Spanish¡está haciendo una rasca!
Spanishpegarse una rasca
Spanishme rasca la pierna
SpanishEstamos abordando el problema de una manera fragmentada, y el debate de hoy sólo rasca la superficie de este inmenso problema de la inmigración ilegal.
We are addressing the problem in a fragmentary way, and the debate we are holding today merely scratches the surface of this vast problem of illegal immigration.