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"remojar" in English

ES remojar
[remojando|remojado] {verb}

remojar (also: sopear)
to dunk {v.t.} (cake, bread, cracker)
to steep {v.t.} (to soften, clean)

Context sentences for "remojar" in English

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SpanishQuisiera añadir que queda muy claro que cada uno debe poner sus barbas a remojar, y Francia igual que los demás.
I would like to add that, of course, everyone should keep their own house in order, and that includes France.
SpanishPienso que el Ministro debería poner a remojar sus barbas: el documento francoalemán no brilla, por su parte, por su ambición.
I think the minister should set his own house in order: the Franco-German document, for its part, is hardly conspicuous for its ambition.