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sacar provecho {verb}

sacar provecho (also: beneficiar)
El Consejo podría sacar provecho inspirándose en este ejemplo.
The Council could benefit from taking inspiration from this example.
Estamos muy tristes porque la UE aún podría sacar provecho de «su manera».
We are very sorry because the EU could still benefit from ‘his way’.
Ahora resta sacar provecho de nuestra coherencia frente a los competidores, a los socios de la OMC.
We now have to benefit from this coherence in the face of our competitors, our partners in the WTO.
sacar provecho (also: beneficiarse)
to gain {v.i.} (benefit, profit)
El intercambio siempre ha aportado beneficios y siempre hemos podido sacar provecho de ello.
Exchange has always brought benefits, and we have always been able to gain from it.
intentan sacar provecho político del asunto
they are seeking to gain political capital from the affair
Es absolutamente inaceptable que se permita a los Estados Unidos y Gran Bretaña sacar provecho de actividades ilegales.
It is absolutely unacceptable that the US and Britain are allowed to gain advantage from illegal activities.

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SpanishLas PYME han de poder sacar provecho de los trabajos de investigación realizados.
SMEs must be able to reap the benefits of research that has been carried out.
SpanishSigue siendo demasiado difícil para los fabricantes sacar provecho del mercado único.
It is still too difficult for manufacturers to take advantage of the single market.
SpanishPero no intentemos sacar provecho a lo que ocurre en otros países como las Bahamas.
But let us not play this off against what happens in other countries like the Bahamas.
SpanishEs necesario sacar provecho de la calidad de nuestros productos agrícolas.
The quality of our agricultural products is something that needs to be capitalised on.
SpanishSin esto no podremos sacar provecho de las relaciones transatlánticas.
Without it, we are not able to enjoy the benefits of transatlantic relations.
SpanishPara que un país pueda sacar provecho de las ventajas del protocolo, ha de firmarlo.
In order that a country can take advantage of the benefits of the Protocol, it must sign it.
SpanishEuropa debe sacar provecho de su historia y desarrollar su modelo social.
Europe must make the most of its history and develop its social model.
SpanishDeseamos sacar más provecho al papel destacado de la Unión en la protección del medio ambiente.
We want to make more of the Union's leading role in environmental protection.
Spanish¿Cuál es la mejor manera de sacar el mayor provecho al dinero de nuestros ciudadanos?
Sound finances are the basis of a good economy and therefore we are right to review the budget.
SpanishLa Comisión está haciendo muchos esfuerzos para sacar el máximo provecho de este programa.
The Commission is putting a lot of effort into making the most of FP7.
SpanishCreo que es un instrumento del que podemos sacar un provecho mucho mayor.
I think this is an instrument of which we could make much more use.
Spanish¿Cuál es la mejor manera de sacar el mayor provecho al dinero de nuestros ciudadanos?
What is the best way of getting value for money for our citizens?
SpanishAl ir a la academia cuando era joven pudo sacar provecho de su energía loca y agresiva”.
By going to the academy when he was young, he could put his crazy, aggressive energy to work.”
SpanishSon muy pocos los países ACP que han logrado sacar el máximo provecho del Acuerdo de Cotonú.
There are just a few ACP countries that have succeeded in exploiting Cotonou to the maximum.
SpanishCreo que es un instrumento del que podemos sacar un provecho mucho mayor.
That is why we must do our best at Bonn to draw people ’ s attention to the issue of global demand.
SpanishEs necesario sacar pleno provecho del potencial de innovación de Europa.
Full advantage must be taken of Europe's innovation potential.
SpanishDebemos darnos cuenta de que si aceptamos el reto, podremos sacar provecho de nuestro propio ejemplo.
We need to realise that if we embrace the challenge, we can profit by our own example.
SpanishLa tarea ahora es sacar provecho de esto, conseguir que las otras potencias mundiales se unan a nosotros.
The task now is to capitalise on this, to make the other world powers join us.
SpanishÉste es el intento de unos pocos para sacar provecho a costa de otros.
This is a deliberate attempt by a very few people to raise their profile at the expense of others.
SpanishEl Consejo podría sacar provecho inspirándose en este ejemplo.
I would like to add three comments on the financial perspectives.