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Eso se parece sospechosamente mucho al adagio private profit and public risk.
It is suspiciously reminiscent of the old saying 'private profit and public risk '.
dubiously {adv.} (suspiciously)
sospechosamente (also: de modo equívoco)
equivocally {adv.} (questionably)

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SpanishQuisiera terminar con una observación dirigida al Consejo, que una vez más se encuentra sospechosamente ausente.
I should like to finish off with an observation for the Council, which is once again conspicuous by its absence.
SpanishEl sitio incluye ofertas sospechosamente buenas, lo que indica un posible engaño o la venta de productos ilegales o de piratería.
The site makes offers that seem too good to be true, indicating a possible scam or the sale of illegal or pirated products.