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1. sociology

Evidentemente, no podemos ignorar los principios de subsidiariedad y flexibilidad.
Obviously we cannot disregard the principles of subsidiarity and flexibility.
El principio de subsidiariedad delimita las responsabilidades regionales y nacionales.
The subsidiarity principle clarifies responsibilities at regional and national level.
¿Acaso afecta al principio de subsidiariedad el intercambio de métodos?
Does the exchange of educational methods affect the principle of subsidiarity?

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SpanishQuizá puedan enseñarnos a emplear algo mejor el principio de subsidiariedad.
They can perhaps teach us to use the proximity principle somewhat better.
SpanishPensamos que en este ámbito debería prevalecer el principio de subsidiariedad.
We think that the principle of proximity should apply for this sector.
SpanishNo apelo aquí al principio de subsidiariedad: es una clara invasión de competencias.
It is therefore unclear why the rapporteur ultimately ruled out this.
SpanishY esto constituiría una violación financiera del fondo del principio de subsidiariedad.
If it is legal in their countries, let them, but let them do so with their own financial resources.
SpanishEsto satisface también el deseo de una mayor subsidiariedad del Sr. Radwan.
However, we are not yet where we want to be and need to be.
SpanishApuesto a que no hay ni una sola directiva que fomente este tipo de cultura de la subsidiariedad.
Now is not the time or place for answers or magic formulae; now is the time for questions.
SpanishEn segundo lugar, nos encontramos en plena subsidiariedad, no hay que olvidarlo.
I would like to assure the honourable Members that, faced with this problem, we have not remained inactive.
SpanishSi no lo hace así, estará incumpliendo el principio de subsidiariedad.
Now, that is in fact the question posed by stem cell research.
SpanishLa negación continuada de esta dimensión regional no concuerda con la idea de subsidiariedad.
With the European Constitution, Europe wants to make Europe more democratic and more transparent.
SpanishEn las que permita el principio de subsidiariedad en esos países.
We could say: European funding is allowed in all countries which allow research with stem cells.
SpanishEl principio de subsidiariedad seguirá siendo objeto de mofa, como lo es desde hace doce años.
At the same time, it fosters Community solidarity and helps ensure genuine cohesion within the EU.
SpanishLos Parlamentos nacionales controlarán el principio de subsidiariedad.
Countries that do n't wish to join the cooperation agreement can choose a free trade agreement instead.
SpanishSí, ya sé que estas están sujetas al principio de subsidiariedad.
The discussions will be long and difficult, and many figures and percentages will be bandied about.
SpanishPensamos que el principio de subsidiariedad tiene prioridad sobre estas formas de pensar.
The June summit clearly showed that the Member States do not wish to pay for all sorts of new policy areas.
SpanishIncluso a la hora de proteger el medio ambiente, tiene que primar la subsidiariedad.
It is for that reason, bearing in mind our negotiations on the financial perspectives, that we have voted against.
SpanishNuestras definiciones de« subsidiariedad» y« superestado» difieren claramente de las de los ponentes.
What we are voting upon today is not a report but an act of faith, and an act of bad faith at that.
SpanishEn primer lugar, respecto al asunto de la subsidiariedad, Señorías, les diré que está garantizado.
Furthermore, I would like to reply briefly to some of the concerns expressed by the honourable Members.
SpanishCreo que son contrarios al principio de subsidiariedad.
Continued rural development in my country is therefore vital.
SpanishEl tercer punto tiene que ver con la subsidiariedad.
How do you propose to help the rural areas with this kind of structural programme?
SpanishEs evidente para todos que esta cuestión ha de someterse a la más estricta subsidiariedad.
Migratory flows must be managed so that they serve the interests of both the host country and the country of origin.