tantear [tanteando|tanteado] {verb}

to feel out {vb} [coll.] (person, situation, opinion)

Context sentences for "tantear" in English

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SpanishEl problema es que la ponente intenta en su informe tantear las fronteras de ese concepto.
In her report, the rapporteur attempts to explore the limits of this notion.
Spanishvoy a tantear el terreno para ver lo que puedo hacer
I'll put out my feelers and see what I can do
Spanishtantear el terreno
SpanishEn tiempos pasados, el cultivo de peces parecía una medida absurda ideada por las empresas en busca de nuevas oportunidades para tantear un mercado que les permitiera obtener grandes beneficios.
In the past, the farming of sea fish seemed to be an absurd measure thought up by companies who were looking for new opportunities to tap into a market that would make them big profits.