ES tenderse

1. general

tenderse (also: acostarse, echarse, tumbarse)
to lie {v.i.} (lie down)
to lie flat on your stomach
to lie face down
tenderse (also: tumbarse)
to stretch out {vb} (lie full length)

2. games: "en naipes"


Context sentences for "tenderse" in English

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SpanishEs decir, que es natural casi que haya tantos gastos administrativos aunque debiera tenderse a reducirlos.
In other words, it is not surprising that administrative costs are so high, although they should be reduced where possible.
SpanishHa sido adoptado el periodo más largo, de 5 años, lo cual favorece a Lituania, a lo largo de él tendrá que tenderse una vía europea.
The longer 5 year period that is favourable to Lithuania has been adopted, during which a European track will have to be laid in Lithuania.
SpanishHa de revisarse el etiquetado del tabaco, ha de revisarse la capacidad adictiva de los aditivos, ha de tenderse también a la armonización al alza de los impuestos sobre el tabaco.
We have to look again at tobacco labelling and the addictive nature of additives. There should also be moves towards the upwards harmonization of the taxes on tobacco consumption.