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Transportable pressure equipment (
Transportable pressure equipment
Una sobre los equipos a presión transportables, que, lamentablemente, han salido poco en nuestro debate.
Firstly, I would like to look at the issue of transportable pressure equipment which unfortunately has figured too briefly in this joint debate.
transportable (also: portátil)
mobile {adj.} (gun, missile-launcher)

Context sentences for "transportable" in English

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SpanishCambiar un número supone un alto coste para los clientes; por eso ha de ser transportable.
It is very expensive for the customer to switch numbers, which is why they have to be portable.
Spanish¡Única por sus dos pantallas inclinadas pero sobre todo porque es desmontable y transportable!
It is unique for its two inclined screens but above all because it can be dismantled and transported!