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dal {comm. gen.}

SV dal
{common gender}

dal (also: sänka, dalgång)
valley {noun}
Tyvärr finns det ingen olympisk fred för Susadalen, en dal i närheten av Turin.
   Mr President, unfortunately there is no Olympic truce for the Susa valley, a valley close to Turin.
Om jag hade fötts i en dal i Österrike skulle problemet se ut precis som det gör ur er synvinkel.
If I had been born in a valley in Austria the problem would look just like it does from your point of view.
I varje dal fastställer människorna sina ofta egensinniga ståndpunkter, och de tycker inte om inblandning utifrån.
In every valley the people determine their often stubborn points-of-view and they do not appreciate outside interference.
dale {noun}
I want Charlie Dale with me.
dal (also: däld)
vale {noun}
Gandalf, dom tar vägen mot Morguls dal.
Gandalf, they're taking the road to the Morgul Vale.

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SwedishPlatsen ligger på ett avlägset område i en dal, nära den irakiska gränsen.
The location is a remote area of the Turkana district... called Derati.

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