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SV svekfull

1. general

svekfull (also: bedräglig, vilseledande)
deceitful {adj.} (betraying trust, misleading)

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SwedishSydafrikas roll är särskilt svekfull.
South Africa's role is especially perfidious here.
SwedishForskare har länge vetat att ju högre intelligens en ras har, ju större neocortex, ju större risk att arten är svekfull.
Researchers have long known that the more intelligent the species, the larger the neocortex, the more likely it is to be deceptive.
SwedishEn EU-reform enligt mottot mer Europa genom mindre demokrati är en farlig svekfull slutsats.
EU reform on the lines of more Europe - less democracy, is a dangerous error, because European democracy is the prerequisite, the necessity for existence, and not a vision.