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"vips" in English

vips {interj.}

SV vips

1. "kort stund", slang

jiffy {noun} [slg.] (short while)

Context sentences for "vips" in English

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SwedishVips, så uppmanas tusentals människor att vaccinera sig.
Hey presto, thousands of people are invited to be vaccinated.
SwedishMan tar en självlysande gen ur en korall eller manet och man stoppar in den i en zebrafisk, och vips så blir de självlysande.
You take a glow gene out of a coral or a jellyfish and you stick it in a zebrafish, and, puff, they glow.
Swedish(Skratt) Och vips så sprack bubblan.
(Laughter) And just like that, the bubble burst.
SwedishInom loppet av två sekunder hade Albert kniven mellan brosken av svansen, alldeles intill lammets rumpa, och vips var svansen borta och i hinken som jag höll.
In the space of about two seconds, Albert had the knife between the cartilage of the tail, right next to the butt of the lamb, and very quickly the tail was gone and in the bucket that I was holding.
SwedishVips, så stängs hela det europeiska luftrummet ned, trots att erfarenheten visar att vulkanaska egentligen inte utgör någon fara utom för flygplan som måste flyga igenom ett kompakt moln.
Hey presto, the entire European airspace is closed, even though experience has shown that volcanic ash is not really dangerous except for aeroplanes that have to cross a dense cloud.