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Languages of the World

We have created a world map that shows some of the many languages of the world, where they are spoken and how many people speak them. This language map means you can now see the most spoken language on each continent!

This language world map is a fun language learning resource for the wall of your classroom, office or home. We are sure you will find it useful and the results may even surprise you! While new languages are regularly created - fictional or real - some dialects disappear every day. Languages are in constant evolution. Some languages such as English or Spanish have an increasing amount of speakers, some natives of course but many use them as their second language, sometimes even a third one. As language lovers, we want to keep a multilingual world in which we can all communicate! That is why we keep adding new languages, new dictionaries and activities online that bring the language communities together. Check our press page to learn more about the evolution of over the past few years and the products we have released so far. You can also consult the results of our past contests such as Top Language Lovers or IX Blogs by clicking on the relevant links on this page to find some interesting readings. If you are looking for our dictionaries and the languages we have available, click here