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Abbreviations - Academic Abbreviations

app. (appendix)
függ. (függelék)
Used when there are relevant files added to the work
aprox. (aproximativ)
kb. (körülbelül)
Used when quantity is unknown
Bibliografie - nu se prescurtează
bibliog. (bibliográfia)
List of sources used
cca (circa)
kb. (körülbelül)
Used when estimating a quantity
cap. (capitol)
fej. (fejezet)
A defined section of the work
col. (coloană)
oszl. (oszlop)
The vertical part of a table
Disertaţie - nu se abreviază
dissz. (disszertáció)
A complete work on a specific subject
n.t. (nota traducătorului)
szerk. (szerkesztette X)
Used when the work has been altered by a third party
ex. (exemplu)
pl. (például)
Used when giving an example
Nu există o abreviere corespunzătoare în limba română
kül. (különösen)
Used when trying to define something more clearly
etc. (et cetera/caetera-lat.)
stb. (és így tovább)
Used when stating an infinite list, literally meaning 'and so forth'
fig. (figura)
ábr. (ábra)
A diagram that accompanies part of the work
Used when developing an idea, literally meaning 'therefore' or 'that is'
inclusiv - nu se abreviază
Used when adding something to a list
N.B. (nota bene)
Jegyezd meg/Fontos/Megjegyzendő
Used when a person is required to take note of something important
p./pg. (pagina)
o./old. (oldal)
Each individual side of paper in a manuscript
pp. (paginile)
o./old. (oldal/oldalak)
Several sides of paper in a manuscript
pref. (prefaţă)
A short paragraph that provides a background to a study
ed. (editat de)
kiad. (kiadta X/kiadó)
Used to name the person who has published the work
red. (redactor)
Átdolgozta X
Used when the work has been altered slightly by someone to make it more relevant to the current audience
reed. (reeditarea)
Used when the work is not an original, but a direct copy
trad. (tradusă de)
ford. (fordította X)
Used when the work has been translated into another language
vol. (volumul/tomul)
köt. (kötet)
Indicates a specific volume or section of work