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Motivational Cover Letter - Opening

Dear Sir,
Formal, male recipient, name unknown
Dear Madam,
Formal, female recipient, name unknown
Dear Sir / Madam,
Formal, recipient name and gender unknown
Dear Sirs,
Formal, when addressing several unknown people or a whole department
To whom it may concern,
Formal, recipient/s name and gender completely unknown
Dear Mr. Smith,
Formal, male recipient, name known
Dear Mrs. Smith,
Formal, female recipient, married, name known
Dear Miss Smith,
Formal, female recipient, single, name known
Dear Ms. Smith,
Formal, female recipient, name known, marital status unknown
Dear John Smith,
Less formal, one has done business with the recipient before
I wish to apply for the post of…which you advertised in…on… .
Standard formula for applying for a job whose advertisement you saw in a newspaper or magazine
I am writing in response to your advertisement posted on…
Standard formula used when responding to an advertisement posted online
I refer to your advertisement in…dated… .
Standard formula used to explain where you found the advertisement for a job
I read your advertisement for an experienced…in the…issue of…with great interest.
Formula used when applying for a job having seen the advertisment in a magazine or periodical
I have pleasure in applying for the advertised position, as…
Standard formula for applying for a job
I would like to apply for the position of…
Standard formula for applying for a job
Currently I am working for… and my responsibilities include…
Used as an opening sentence to describe your current occupational status and what it involves

Motivational Cover Letter - Reasoning

I am particularly interested in this job, as…
Used to explain why you would like a certain job
I would like to work for you, in order to…
Used to explain why you would like a certain job
My strengths are…
Used to show what your key attributes are
I would say that my only weakness / weaknesses are… . But I am looking to improve in this / these area/s.
Used to reflect upon your weaknesses, but show that you are determined to improve in those areas
I would be well suited to the position because…
Used to explain what makes you a good candidate for the job
Although I have no previous experience in…, I have had…
Used if you have never had the chance to work in a certain business field, but can demonstrate qualities from other experiences you have had
My professional qualifications / skills appear to be well suited to your company's requirements.
Used to explain what skills make you good candidate for the job
During my time as ..., I improved / furthered / extended / my knowledge of…
Used to demonstrate your experience in a certain field and ability to aquire new skills
My area of expertise is…
Used to show in which field of work your main attributes and experiences are
Whilst working at… I became highly competent in…
Used to demonstrate your experience in a certain field and ability to aquire new skills
Even when working at high speed, I do not neglect accuracy and would therefore be particularly suitable for the demands of working as ….
Used to explain why you would be good at the job using the experience gained from your previous employment history
Even under pressure I can maintain high standards.
Used to show that you can work in a demanding business environment
And thus I would have the opportunity to combine my interests with this placement.
Used to show that you have a personal interest in the job
I have a lively interest in … and would appreciate the opportunity / chance to broaden my knowledge by working with you.
Used to show that you have a personal interest in the job
As you can see from my enclosed résumé, my experience and qualifications match this position's requirements.
Used to highlight your résumé and show how well the job would suit you
My current position as…for...has provided me with the opportunity to work in a high-pressure, team environment, where it is essential to be able to work closely with my colleagues in order to meet deadlines.
Used to display what skills you have gained from you current job
In addition to my responsibilities as..., I also developed…skills.
Used to show additional skills gained from your current job. Skills that may not normally be associated with your occupational title

Motivational Cover Letter - Skills

My native language is…, but I can also speak…
Used to show your native language, and also other languages in which you have fluency
I have an excellent command of…
Used to show non-native languages that you can communicate to a high level in
I have a working knowledge of…
Used to show non-native languages that you can communicate to an intermediate level in
I have …years experience of working…
Used to show your experience in a certain business area
I am an experienced user of…
Used to show what computer software you can use
I believe I possess the right combination of...and… .
Used to show how balanced your skills are
Excellent communication skills
The ability to share information with and explain things to your colleagues
Deductive reasoning
The ability to understand and explain things quick and effectively
Logical thinking
The ability to construct one's ideas in a precise, well thought-out manner
Analytical skills
The ability to assess things in detail
Good interpersonal skills
The ability to manage and communicate with colleagues effectively
Negotiation skills
The ability to do business deals with other companies effectively
Presentation skills
The ability to communicate ideas effectively in front of a large group

Motivational Cover Letter - Closing

I am highly motivated and look forward to the varied work which a position in your company would offer me.
Used when closing to reiterate one's desire to work for the company
I see new tasks / this position as a welcome challenge, which I look forward to.
Used when closing to reiterate one's desire to work for the company
I would welcome the opportunity to discuss further details of the position with you personally.
Used when closing to hint at the possibility of an interview
Please find my résumé / CV attached.
Standard formula used to tell the employer that your résumé / CV is included with the cover letter
I can supply references from…if required.
Standard formula used to tell the employer that you are willing to provide references
References can be requested from…
Used to tell the employer that you are willing to provide references and who they can contact for these
I am available for interview on…
Used to indicate when you are free for an interview
Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to the opportunity to personally discuss why I am particularly suited to this position. Please contact me via…
Used to give one's prefered contact details and to thank the employer for reviewing your application
Yours faithfully,
Formal, recipient name unknown
Yours sincerely,
Formal, widely used, recipient known
Respectfully yours,
Formal, not widely used, recipient name known
Kind/Best regards,
Informal, between business partners who are on first-name terms