Phrases - Business

The business communication category of the phrasebook includes how to write the most common phrases used in business. Select any of the subcategories starting from business letter to invoice examples to get your template text.

This phrase dictionary for business communication includes all the commonly used terms and phrases for formal communication and writing in business. In each section, like writing business letters for example, the phrases, templates and text proposals are sorted by area of application.

For example, in the letter and email sections you can find translations or how to write common phrases used in business letters. Find the correct way of addressing letters to different countries and in different languages. Use the appropriate salutation that the recipient would expect you to use. Other frequent questions you can find answers to include: Does the name of the company or the recipient come first? How to write “Dear Sir or Madam” in a foreign language? How to introduce a letter with a business proposal?

Globalisation is a phenomenon which has established itself in the last decades and will continue to be part of our personal and professional lives. It precisely means the increasing internationalisation of trade and the integration of economic and capital markets around the world. This is also where the term “global village” is originating from. Now, what does globalisation mean to our everyday life?

It is common to have working relationships with for example colleagues, business partners or suppliers. A lot of communication takes place between these parties, mostly via e-mail. Here the E-Mail section will give you some guidance on how to address the receiver and what other phrases you can use to let your colleague know that you can communicate like a native speaker. The same basically goes for writing letters as well. The tone of language may be different than to that of an email but it will have similar guidelines. In the Letter section you will be able to find out more about this.

In business other things such as writing an invoice, an order or making written appointments and reservations are an important part as well. This is where the phrase book for business communication comes in handy. In order to get your point across and not be misunderstood these sections of the phrase book for business will give you the right vocabulary to place and confirm an order, write an invoice, arrange and cancel appointments and make or change a reservation. Here a few mistakes could lead to embarrassing situations where you and your business partners did not get a table in a restaurant where you wanted to discuss business because there was a misunderstanding in your reservation or the receiver faces difficulties understanding the invoice you have sent because you might have used wrong phrases. Luckily has put together a whole list of guidance in many different language combinations in eight sections for you.

The phrase book for business also comprises other sections you will find helpful in your everyday working life. For example, abbreviations can be a huge time saver. In this section you will find the ones which are agreed upon to be known in that language. Another interesting category will show you translations for occupational titles so you know what your business partner is really doing.

We hope that our phrase dictionary makes your business communication successful.