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Abbreviations - Business Abbreviations

vorm. (vormittags)
f.m./fm. (förmiddag)
Used with 12 hour clock after 00:00, but before 12:00
ugf. (ungefähr)
c:a/ca. (cirka)
Used with estimates
z.Hd. (zu Händen von)
att. (attestera)
Used when in correspondence with specific person
B.A. (Bachelor of Arts)
fil.kand./FK (filosofie kandidat)
University title
MEZ (mitteleuropäische Zeit)
CET (Centraleuropeisk tid)
Used in correspondence with businesses in other time zones
Seine/Ihre Königliche Hoheit
H.K.H. (Hans/Hennes Kungliga Höghet)
Title for honourary people
d.h. (das heißt)
d.v.s., dvs. (det vill säga)
Used when clarifying something
Kap.-Ges. (Kapitalgesellschaft)
AB (aktiebolag)
Comes after certain business names
GmbH (Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung)
AB (aktiebolag)
Comes after certain business names
n.z. (nicht zutreffend)
ej tillämpningsbart
Used when something does not need to be applied
Nr. (Nummer)
nr (nummer)
Used for orders
pro Jahr
per år
Used when describing an annual occurrence or business practice
nachm. (nachmittags)
e.m./em. (eftermiddag)
Used with 12 hour clock after 12:00, but before 00:00
b.w. (bitte wenden)
v.g.v. (var god vänd)
Indicates that there is correspondence on both sides of a page
VPräs. (Vizepräsident)
VP (vice ordförande)
The second in command after the President