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Da mezzanotte alle 12
f.m./fm. (förmiddag)
Used with 12 hour clock after 00:00, but before 12:00
ca. (circa)
c:a/ca. (cirka)
Used with estimates
c/o (all'attenzione di)
att. (attestera)
Used when in correspondence with specific person
Dott. (dottore)
fil.kand./FK (filosofie kandidat)
University title
Ora di Termoli / CET (Tempo Centrale Europeo)
CET (Centraleuropeisk tid)
Used in correspondence with businesses in other time zones
Sua Maestà / Sua Altezza / Maestà / Altezza
H.K.H. (Hans/Hennes Kungliga Höghet)
Title for honourary people
i.e. (id est) / cioè
d.v.s., dvs. (det vill säga)
Used when clarifying something
S.p.A. (Società per Azioni)
AB (aktiebolag)
Comes after certain business names
S.r.l. (Società a responsabilità limitata)
AB (aktiebolag)
Comes after certain business names
non applicabile / non pertinente
ej tillämpningsbart
Used when something does not need to be applied
nr (nummer)
Used for orders
annuale / per anno
per år
Used when describing an annual occurrence or business practice
Dalle tredici alle ventitré
e.m./em. (eftermiddag)
Used with 12 hour clock after 12:00, but before 00:00
vedi retro
v.g.v. (var god vänd)
Indicates that there is correspondence on both sides of a page
VP (Vicepresidente)
VP (vice ordförande)
The second in command after the President