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De meia-noite ao meio-dia, ou seja, de 00:00h à 12:00h.
Used with 12 hour clock after 00:00, but before 12:00
aprox. (aproximadamente)
대개 (대략)
Used with estimates
A/C (aos cuidados de)
...께 보여드리다(소개하다) (눈에 띄게 하다)
Used when in correspondence with specific person
Bel. (bacharel)
Bela. (bacharela)
University title
No Brasil se diz Horário de Brasília (GMT-3:00).
중앙유럽 표준시
Used in correspondence with businesses in other time zones
V.A. (Vossa Alteza)
Title for honourary people
p.ex. (por exemplo)
즉, 다시 말하자면
Used when clarifying something
S/A (sociedade anônima)
Comes after certain business names
Ltda. (limitada)
사 (社)
Comes after certain business names
n/a (não aplicável)
Used when something does not need to be applied
nº. (número)
Used for orders
por ano
Used when describing an annual occurrence or business practice
De meio-dia à meia-noite, ou seja, de 12:00h à 24:00h.
Used with 12 hour clock after 12:00, but before 00:00
Vide verso
뒷 장을 봐주십시오
Indicates that there is correspondence on both sides of a page
Vice Presidente
부사장님, 부통령님, 부회장님
The second in command after the President