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Occupational Titles - Business Titles

Formand og Administrerende Direktør
Chairman and Managing Director
UK, the financial head of a business
Administrerende Direktør
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
US, the financial head of a business
Marketing Director
Employee responsible for marketing department
Sales Manager
Employee responsible for sales department
Kundeservice Direktør
Client Services Manager
Employee responsible for client services department
Personnel Director
US, employee responsible for other employees' queries
Human Resources Manager
UK, employee responsible for other employees' queries
Office Manager
Employee responsible for a specific office
Virksomheds Sekretær
Company Secretary
Employee responsible for business correspondence
Chief Accountant
Employee responsible for business finances
Teknisk Direktør
Technical Director
Employee responsible for IT and communications services
Forskning og Udviklings Direktør
Research and Development Manager
Employee responsible for new product development
Production Director
Employee responsible for the production of products
Factory Manager
Employee responsible for the running of the factory where the product is made