Phrases - Immigration

The phrasebook for immigration is the perfect companion for your moving abroad. It contains all the sentences you will need for your new daily life and all the key sentences that will come in handy when dealing with renting, going to the hospital or any administrative offices.

Our phrasebook for immigration and expatriation is divided into several subcategories to help you navigate through it faster and find the translation you need immediately. Moving abroad is a challenge and, even though you can use English in many countries as a pidgin language, you may get stuck in an essential conversation you do not want to mishandle. If your knowledge of the language spoken in your host country falls short and your contact person cannot help you, you could run into unnecessary difficulties and misunderstandings.

Step by step, our phrases will guide you through the various situations almost all emigrants and expats will find themselves in at some point of their relocation process. You will get all the information about what to say when you first move into a city; the phrases you need to register at the town hall, how to explain where you live or what your marital status is. You can also read about how to take out insurance, apply for a visa or inquire about your driving license.

There are also sentences for your first steps at a bank or a financial institution. These will teach you how to open a bank account, ask for a credit card or report a stolen one. In most countries, you cannot get a job or rent an apartment if you do not have a bank account in your country of residence. It is crucial you take the time to open a bank account that suits your needs.

Whether you moved to attend university or to work, we have sentences to guide you through the formalities that these moves entail. If you are studying, how to inquire about the courses or scholarships available; if you are working, how to understand the contract, negotiate the salary or talk about tax returns. Even if the courses are taught in English or if the office language is English, you are bound to encounter words that are specific to the language of the country to which you relocated. These terms are in contracts, on signs, or simply thrown into conversation if your contact person does not know the translation for this particular word. Make sure you are prepared to face the unknown and organize yourself to tackle any of these situations with flying colors.

Finally we have all the sentences you need for more specific cases such as taking pets with you abroad or applying for disability benefits in your new home country.