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Bank - General

Can I withdraw money in [country] without paying fees?
Pot retrage numerar în [țara] fără a plăti comisioane?
Asking whether there are commission fees when you withdraw money in a certain country
What are the fees if I use external ATMs?
Cât sunt comisioanele altor bancomate?
Asking how much the fees are when you withdraw at the ATMs of a bank different than yours

Bank - Opening a bank account

I would like to open a bank account.
Aș vrea să deschid un cont bancar.
Stating your intention to open a bank account
I would like to close my bank account.
Aș vrea să-mi închid contul bancar.
Stating your intention to close your bank account
Can I open a bank account online?
Pot să-mi deschid un cont bancar pe Internet?
Asking if you can open a bank account via an online procedure
Will I get a debit card or a credit card?
Voi primi un card de debit sau un card de credit?
Asking what kind of card you will get with your account
Can I use banking on my cell?
Pot să-mi accesez contul de pe telefon?
Asking if you can carry out banking procedures on your phone
What types of bank accounts do you have?
Ce fel de conturi bancare aveți?
Asking what types of bank accounts are available
current account
cont curent
Type of bank account
savings account
cont de economii
Type of bank account
personal account
cont personal
Type of bank account
joint account
cont comun
Type of bank account
children's account
contul pentru copii
Type of bank account
foreign currency account
cont curent în monedă străină
Type of bank account
business account
cont de firmă
Type of bank account
student account
cont de student
Type of bank account
Are there any monthly fees?
Există comisioane lunare?
Asking if there are monthly expenses to be paid for the account
What are the commissions for international transfers?
Ce comisionare sunt pentru tranzacțiile internaționale?
Asking about commissions for international transfers
Is there any insurance in case my card is lost or stolen?
Există o asigurare în cazul pierderii cardului sau furtului?
Asking if there is insurance if your card is lost or stolen
Do I get a checkbook?
Primesc un carnet de cecuri pentru contul meu?
Asking if you receive a checkbook with your account
What is the savings interest rate?
Care este rata dobânzii de economii?
Asking for information about the savings interest rate
In what ways can you protect me from frauds?
Cum mă puteți proteja în cazul unei fraude?
Asking what measures the bank takes in case you are a victim of a fraud
I lost my credit card.
Mi-am pierdut cardul de credit.
Stating that you lost your credit card
My credit card was stolen.
Mi s-a furat cardul.
Stating that your credit card was stolen
Can you block my account?
Îmi puteți bloca contul?
Asking if the bank can block your bank account
I need a replacement card.
Am nevoie de un card nou.
Stating that you need a replacement card because you don't have your card anymore

Bank - Financial help

I would like to have some information about loans.
Aș dori să primesc informații cu privire la împrumuturi.
Asking for information about loans
What can you tell me about the interest rate?
Ce dobândă aveți?
Asking for information about the interest rate
I would like to have some information about mortgages.
Aș dori să primesc informații cu privire la ipoteci.
Asking for information about mortgages
I would like to speak with a mortgage advisor.
Aș dori să vorbesc cu un consultant ipotecar.
Asking to speak with a mortgage advisor
I am buying my first home.
Îmi cumpăr prima casă.
Stating that you are buying your first home
I am buying a second property.
Cumpăr a doua proprietate.
Stating that you are buying a second property
I would like to remortgage.
Aș vrea să îmi reînnoiesc împrumutul ipotecar.
Stating that you would like to remortgage
I would like to review my existing mortgage.
Aș vrea să-mi verific împrumutul ipotecar.
Stating that you would like to review your mortgage
I am buying a property to let.
Cumpăr o locuință pentru a o închiria.
Stating that you are buying a property to let
My gross annual income is ______.
Venitul meu anual brut este de ______.
Stating how much your gross annual income is

Bank - Insurance

I would like to purchase insurance.
Aș vrea să-mi cumpăr o asigurare.
Stating that you are interested in insurance
home/household insurance
asigurare de locuință
Type of insurance
travel insurance
asigurare de călătorie
Type of insurance
life insurance
asigurare pe viață
Type of insurance
health insurance
asigurare de sănătate
Type of insurance
car insurance
asigurare auto
Type of insurance
pet insurance
asigurare pentru animale de companie
Type of insurance
theft insurance
asigurare în caz de furt
Type of insurance
mortgage protection
asigurare ipotecară
Type of insurance
student possessions
asigurare pentru studenți
Type of insurance
group insurance
asigurare de grup
Type of insurance
property insurance
asigurare de proprietate
Type of insurance
flood insurance
asigurare în caz de inundații
Type of insurance
fire insurance
asigurare împotriva incendiilor
Type of insurance
For how many months will I be covered?
Câte sunt sunt asigurat?
Asking how many months your insurance coverage lasts
What is the price for the insurance?
Cât costă asigurarea?
Asking how much the insurance is