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Housing - Renting

I am looking for a _______________ to rent.
Ich möchte _________________ mieten.
Stating that you want to rent something
ein Zimmer
Type of accommodation
flat / apartment
eine Wohnung/ ein Apartment
Type of accommodation
studio flat / studio apartment
ein Studioapartment
Type of accommodation
detached house
ein Einfamilienhaus
Type of accommodation
semi-detached house
ein Doppelhaus
Type of accommodation
terraced house
ein Reihenhaus
Type of accommodation
How much is the rent per month?
Wie viel beträgt die Miete pro Monat?
Asking how much the rent is
Are utilities included?
Sind die Nebenkosten inbegriffen?
Asking if the expenses for electricity, gas and water are included
How much is the deposit?
Wie hoch ist die Kaution?
Asking how much the deposit is
When can I come for a viewing?
Wann kann ich zur Besichtigung kommen?
Asking when you can see the accommodation
The apartment is ________________.
Das Apartment ist_____________.
Stating whether the accommodation is furnished or not
Condition of the apartment
Condition of the apartment
Are pets allowed?
Sind Haustiere erlaubt?
Asking if pets are allowed
How can I switch the energy supplier?
Wie kann ich die Energieversorgung wechseln?
Asking how you can switch the energy supplier
How many other tenants are living in the apartment?
Wie viele Mitbewohner leben im Apartment?
Asking how many other people are living in the apartment
How many viewings has it had?
Wie viele Besichtigungen gab es schon?
Asking how many people have already viewed the apartment
Can I see electrical and gas installation checks/reports?
Kann ich die Zählerstände sehen?
Asking if you can see the electrical and gas installation checks/reports
How long is the lease?
Wie lange gilt der Mietvertrag?
Asking how long the lease is
Have there been any neighbor disputes?
Gab es Konflikte in der Nachbarschaft?
Asking if there have been disagreements among the neighbors
What renovations have been done?
Was wurde renoviert?
Asking what renovations have been done
How old is the boiler and when was it last inspected?
Wie alt ist der Heizungsboiler und wann wurde er zuletzt überprüft?
Asking how old the boiler is and when it was last inspected
When was it last rewired?
Wann wurde die Elektrik zuletzt erneuert?
Asking when the apartment was last rewired
Who lives upstairs/downstairs/next door?
Wer wohnt über mir/unter mir/ nebenan?
Asking who lives in the apartment upstairs/downstairs/next door
Is there a parking space included?
Gehört ein Parkplatz dazu?
Asking if there is a parking space for your car
Has anyone ever been murdered here?
Wurde hier schon mal jemand ermordet?
Asking if anyone has been murdered there
Does ___________ work?
Asking if the facilities work
the plumbing
die Abflussrohre
the heating
die Heizungsanlagen
Is the landlord in charge of doing repairs?
Ist der Besitzer für Reparaturen zuständig?
Asking who is in charge of doing repairs
Where are the gas and electricity meters?
Wo sind die Gas- und Stromzähler?
Asking where the gas and the electricity meters are
Do you have any instruction manuals or warranties on electrical items?
Haben Sie Bedienungsanleitungen oder Garantiebescheinigungen für die elektrischen Geräte?
Asking if there are instructions manuals and warranties on the electrical items
Who supplies the energy, broadband and home phone?
Wer ist für Stromversorgung, Internet und Festnetztelefon zuständig?
Asking who supplies the energy, broadband and home phone
Where is the thermostat?
Wo ist der Thermostat?
Asking if you can see the thermostat
Can I see the gas safety certificate?
Kann ich das Gas-Sicherheitszertifikat sehen?
Asking if you can see the gas safety certificate

Housing - Buying

How many offers has it had?
Wie viele Kaufangebote hat es schon gegeben?
Asking how many offers the house has had
How long has it been on the market?
Wie lange ist das Haus schon auf dem Markt?
Asking how long the house has been on the market
Why are the vendors moving?
Warum verkaufen die Besitzer?
Asking why the house is being sold
How long has the seller lived there?
Wie lange haben die Vorbesitzer hier gelebt?
Asking how long the seller has lived there
What's included in the sale?
Was ist im Verkauf mit inbegriffen?
Asking what is included in the sale
Have there been any subsidence problems?
Gibt es hier Probleme mit absackenden Böden?
Asking if there have been any subsidence problems
Is it possible to find cheaper transferring?
Ist eine günstigere Art der Umschreibung möglich?
Asking about finding a cheaper transfer of legal title of property
What is going to be built in this area in the future?
Was wird hier in Zukunft noch gebaut?
Asking what the development projects for that area are
Can you take the house off the market?
Können Sie das Haus vom Markt nehmen und für mich als potentiellen Käufer reservieren?
Asking if the house can be taken off the market
Where did the kitchen and bathroom tiles come from?
Von welchem Anbieter stammen die Küchen- und Badezimmerfliesen?
Asking where the previous owners bought the kitchen and bathroom tiles
Where did the fixed furniture come from, e.g. kitchen cabinets?
Wo kommen die Einbaumöbel wie zB. Küchenschränke her?
Asking where the previous owners bought the fixed furniture