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Housing - Renting

Я бы хотел(а) снимать________________.
I am looking for a _______________ to rent.
Stating that you want to rent something
Type of accommodation
flat / apartment
Type of accommodation
studio flat / studio apartment
Type of accommodation
отдельный дом
detached house
Type of accommodation
блокированный дом
semi-detached house
Type of accommodation
дом ленточной застройки
terraced house
Type of accommodation
Сколько стоит аренда в месяц?
How much is the rent per month?
Asking how much the rent is
Коммунальные услуги включены в стоимость?
Are utilities included?
Asking if the expenses for electricity, gas and water are included
Какова стоимость депозита?
How much is the deposit?
Asking how much the deposit is
Когда я могу прийти для осмотра?
When can I come for a viewing?
Asking when you can see the accommodation
The apartment is ________________.
Stating whether the accommodation is furnished or not
Condition of the apartment
без мебели
Condition of the apartment
Домашние животные разрешены?
Are pets allowed?
Asking if pets are allowed
Как я могу включить датчик электричества?
How can I switch the energy supplier?
Asking how you can switch the energy supplier
Сколько еще человек живут в квартире?
How many other tenants are living in the apartment?
Asking how many other people are living in the apartment
сколько человек уже осмотрели эту квартиру?
How many viewings has it had?
Asking how many people have already viewed the apartment
Могу я посмотреть счета за электричество и газ?
Can I see electrical and gas installation checks/reports?
Asking if you can see the electrical and gas installation checks/reports
Как долго длится контракт?
How long is the lease?
Asking how long the lease is
Были ли разногласия с соседями
Have there been any neighbor disputes?
Asking if there have been disagreements among the neighbors
Какие ремонтные работы здесь были?
What renovations have been done?
Asking what renovations have been done
Сколько лет этому бойлеру, и как давно он проверялся?
How old is the boiler and when was it last inspected?
Asking how old the boiler is and when it was last inspected
Когда последний раз была заменена проводка?
When was it last rewired?
Asking when the apartment was last rewired
Кто живет наверху/внизу/рядом?
Who lives upstairs/downstairs/next door?
Asking who lives in the apartment upstairs/downstairs/next door
Там есть парковка?
Is there a parking space included?
Asking if there is a parking space for your car
Здесь кто-нибудь был убит?
Has anyone ever been murdered here?
Asking if anyone has been murdered there
_________ работает?
Does ___________ work?
Asking if the facilities work
the plumbing
the heating
Арендодатель отвечает за техническое обслуживание?
Is the landlord in charge of doing repairs?
Asking who is in charge of doing repairs
Где расположены счетчики газа и электричества?
Where are the gas and electricity meters?
Asking where the gas and the electricity meters are
У вас есть какие-либо руководства пользователя или гарантии для электроприборов?
Do you have any instruction manuals or warranties on electrical items?
Asking if there are instructions manuals and warranties on the electrical items
Кто поставляет энергию, широкополосную сеть и домашний телефон?
Who supplies the energy, broadband and home phone?
Asking who supplies the energy, broadband and home phone
Где термостат?
Where is the thermostat?
Asking if you can see the thermostat
Могу я посмотреть сертификат безопасности газа?
Can I see the gas safety certificate?
Asking if you can see the gas safety certificate

Housing - Buying

Сколько предложений имел этот дом?
How many offers has it had?
Asking how many offers the house has had
Как давно этот дом уже на рынке?
How long has it been on the market?
Asking how long the house has been on the market
Почему владельцы переезжают?
Why are the vendors moving?
Asking why the house is being sold
Как долго продавец там живет?
How long has the seller lived there?
Asking how long the seller has lived there
Что включено в продажу?
What's included in the sale?
Asking what is included in the sale
Здесь были проблемы с обвалами?
Have there been any subsidence problems?
Asking if there have been any subsidence problems
Возможно ли найти более дешевую передачу прав собственности?
Is it possible to find cheaper transferring?
Asking about finding a cheaper transfer of legal title of property
Что будет строиться в этом районе в будущем?
What is going to be built in this area in the future?
Asking what the development projects for that area are
Вы можете снять дом с рынка?
Can you take the house off the market?
Asking if the house can be taken off the market
Где была куплена плитка для ванной и кухни?
Where did the kitchen and bathroom tiles come from?
Asking where the previous owners bought the kitchen and bathroom tiles
Где была куплена встроенная мебель, например, кухонные шкафчики?
Where did the fixed furniture come from, e.g. kitchen cabinets?
Asking where the previous owners bought the fixed furniture