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Pets - Bringing a pet

Do I need an import license?
Asking if you need an import license
Is there a quarantine period for [animal]?
Asking if there is a quarantine period for that animal
Are there specific rules for importing non-native species?
Asking if there are specific rules for importing non-native species
The entry requirements that your pet needs to meet include a __________.
Stating what the entry requirements include
Pet entry requirement
rabies vaccination (certificate)
Pet entry requirement
pet passport
Pet entry requirement
tapeworm treatment (certificate)
Pet entry requirement
Do I have to use an authorized carrier?
Asking if you have to use an authorized carrier
What are the rules for ______________?
Asking what the rules are for service animals
guide dogs
Type of animal
assistance dogs
Type of animal
How do I obtain a health certificate for my pet?
Asking how you can obtain a certificate for your pet