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Pets - Bringing a pet

Do I need an import license?
Am nevoie de licență de importantare pentru animalul meu de companie?
Asking if you need an import license
Is there a quarantine period for [animal]?
Există o perioadă de carantină pentru [animalul]?
Asking if there is a quarantine period for that animal
Are there specific rules for importing non-native species?
Există reguli specifice pentru importarea speciilor non-autohtone?
Asking if there are specific rules for importing non-native species
The entry requirements that your pet needs to meet include a __________.
Condițiile necesare de intrare în țară pentru animalul tău de companie includ __________.
Stating what the entry requirements include
Pet entry requirement
rabies vaccination (certificate)
vaccin antirabic (certificat)
Pet entry requirement
pet passport
pașaport al animalului de companie
Pet entry requirement
tapeworm treatment (certificate)
certificat de tratament împotriva teniei
Pet entry requirement
Do I have to use an authorized carrier?
Trebuie să folosesc un transportor omologat?
Asking if you have to use an authorized carrier
What are the rules for ______________?
Care sunt normele pentru ______________?
Asking what the rules are for service animals
guide dogs
Type of animal
assistance dogs
câini însoțitori
Type of animal
How do I obtain a health certificate for my pet?
Cum pot obține un certificat de sănătate pentru animalul meu de companie?
Asking how you can obtain a certificate for your pet