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Studying - University

أود التسجيل في الجامعة.
I would like to enroll at a university.
Stating that you want to enroll
أود التقدم لحضور مقرر ____________.
I want to apply for _____________ course.
Stating that you want to apply for a course
ما قبل التخرج
an undergraduate
Type of course
ما بعد التخرج
a postgraduate
Type of course
a PhD
Type of course
بدوام كامل
a full-time
Type of course
بدوام جزئي
a part-time
Type of course
على الإنترنت
an online
Type of course
أرغب في الدراسة في جامعتكم لمدة_________________.
I would like to study at your university for ___________.
Stating how long your exchange period is
a semester
Length of stay at foreign university
عام دراسي
an academic year
Length of stay at foreign university
ما هي القوانين الخاصة بالعمل للطلاب؟
What are the work restrictions for students?
Asking about work restrictions for students
هل علي إظهار المستندات الأصل أو نسخ منها؟
Do I have to show copies of the original documents or the original documents themselves?
Asking if you need to provide the original documents or copies
ما هي المتطلبات الخاصة للدخول إلى الجامعة؟
What are the entry requirements of the university?
Used when applying for university
هل ستقومون بإرسال عرض رسمي لي؟
Are you going to send me a formal offer?
Asking if you will receive a formal offer
هل تضمن الجامعة وجود إقامة أيضا؟
Does the university guarantee accommodation as well?
Asking if the university provides accommodation
هل يتضمن هذا المقرر فترة تدريب؟
Does the course involve an internship as well?
Asking if your university course involves an internship period
هل هناك كلفة علي كطالب تبادل في جامعتكم؟
Is there a cost to study as an exchange student at your university?
Asking if you have to pay to study as an exchange student at that university
كيف يمكنني تتبع تقدم طلبي؟
How can I track the progress of my application?
Asking how you can see the progress of your application
ما هي متطلبات اللغة [لغة]؟
What are the [language] language requirements?
Inquiring about the language requirement to be fulfilled in order to be accepted at that university
ما هو نظام ________________؟
What is the ____________ system like?
Asking information about the system
Type of system
Type of system
هل سأحصل على كشف بالدرجات العلمية في نهاية فترة التبادل؟
Do I get an academic transcript at the end of my exchange?
Asking if you have an academic transcript at the end of your exchange
كيف ستكون طريقة التعليم؟
What is the teaching style like?
Inquiring about the teaching style
هل هناك___________________؟
Are there _____________ ?
Inquiring about the teaching style
Type of class
حلقات بحث
Type of class
فيديوهات تعليمية
Type of class
Type of class
ما هي المقررات التي تقدمها مدارس الصيف؟
What courses are offered by summer schools?
Asking information about the kinds of courses offered by summer schools
متى تعقد الامتحانات؟
When are the exams held?
Asking when the exams are
أين يمكنني إيجاد معلومات عن جميع المقررات؟
Where can I find information about all the courses available?
Asking where you can find information about the courses
هل هناك مركز رياضي خاص بالجامعة؟
Is there a university sports center?
Asking if there is a university sports center
كيف يمكنني الانضمام إلى نوادي طلابية؟
How can I join student societies?
Asking how you can join student societies
ما هي الكلفة التقديرية للحياة في [مدينة]؟
What are the estimated living costs in [city]?
Inquiring about the estimated living costs in the city

Studying - Language courses

ما هي اللغات التي يمكنني دراستها في مدرستكم؟
What languages can I study at your school?
Asking what languages you can study at that school
هل هناك اختبار تقييمي لمستواي؟
Is there a placement test to assess my level?
Asking if there is a placement test to assess your level
هل يمكنني الانتقال إلى مستوى آخر في حال كان الذي أحضره غير مناسب لي؟
Can I transfer to another level if the one I am attending is not right for me?
Asking if you can change level in case you are not satisfied with the one you are attending
هل لديكم وصف مفصل للمقرر؟
Do you have a detailed description of the course?
Asking if there is a detailed description of the course
ما هو عدد الطلاب الأعظمي في الصف؟
What is the maximum number of students in a class?
Asking what the maximum number of students in a class is
ما هي المرافق الموجودة في المدرسة؟
What facilities are there in your school?
Asking what facilities there are in the school
هل تنظمون رحلات؟
Do you also arrange excursions?
Asking if the school arranges also excursions
ما هي البرامج التي تقدمون؟
What programs do you offer?
Asking what programs are offered

Studying - Scholarships

أنا هنا للاستعلام عن فرص التمويل
I am here to inquire about funding opportunities.
Inquiring about funding opportunities
ما هي الهيئات التي قد تمول دراساتي؟
Which bodies can fund my studies?
Asking which bodies can fund your studies
أحتاج إلى مساعدة مالية من أجل_______________________.
I need financial help for ____________.
Stating that you need financial help
أجور التعليم
tuition fees
Thing that you need financial help for
تكاليف المعيشة
my living expenses
Thing that you need financial help for
رعاية الأطفال
Thing that you need financial help for
ما هي أنواع المنح الدراسية المتوافرة؟
What kinds of scholarships are available?
Asking what kinds of scholarships are available

Studying - Validating foreign degrees

أود تصديق شهادتي الجامعية في [بلد].
I would like to validate my degree certificate in [country].
Stating that you would like to validate your degree certificate in that country
هل هناك قائمة بالمترجمين المرخصين باللغة [لغة]؟
Do you have a list of the certified translators in [language]?
Asking if there is a list of certified translators in the language that you need
أين يمكنني الحصول على شهادة مطابقة؟
Where can I get a certificate of equivalency?
Asking where you can get a certificate of equivalency