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Work - General

هل أنا مؤهل للعمل في [بلد]؟
Am I eligible to work in [country]?
Asking if you can work in that country
هل أنا بحاجة لرقم ضمان اجتماعي قبل البدء بالعمل؟
Do I need a social security number before I start working?
Asking if you need a social security number before starting to work
هل أنا بحاجة لإذن للعمل
Do I need a work permit?
Asking if you need a work permit
ما هو الأجر الأدنى في تلك البلاد؟
What is the national minimum wage?
Inquiring about the national minimum wage
I am ___________________ .
Stating your employment status
Type of employment status
غير موظف
Type of employment status
رائد أعمال
an entrepreneur
Type of employment status
أعمل بمفردي
Type of employment status
an intern
Type of employment status
a volunteer
Type of employment status
a consultant
Type of employment status
أود التسجيل كاختصاصي مستقل.
I would like to register as a freelance professional.
Stating that you would like to register as a freelance professional

Work - Contracts

ما هو نوع عقد العمل لديكم؟
What type of employment contract do you have?
Inquiring about the type of contract
إنني أعمل بموجب عقد____________________.
I have a ______________ contract.
Stating what type of contract you have
دوام كامل
Type of contract
دوام جزئي
Type of contract
لمدة محدودة
Type of contract
Type of contract
Type of contract
متى سأحصل على شيك الراتب؟
When do I get my paycheck?
Asking when you get your paycheck
أرغب في طلب _______________.
I would like to ask for _________.
Asking for time off
إجازة امومة
maternity leave
Type of time off
إجازة أبوة
paternity leave
Type of time off
إجازة مرضية
sick leave
Type of time off
أيام عطلة
days off
Type of time off

Work - Tax returns

أود الحصول على معلومات بخصوص الضرائب.
I would like to have some information on taxation.
Inquiring about taxation
أود الإعلام عن مكتسباتي
I would like to report my earnings.
Stating that you would like to report your earnings
أو استئجار محاسب لمساعدتي في عائدات الضرائب
I would like to hire an accountant to help me with my tax return.
Stating that you would like to hire an accountant to help you with your tax return
متى الموعد النهائي لإرسال عائدات الضرائب؟
When is the deadline to send my tax return?
Asking when the deadline to send your tax return is
هل هناك عقوبات إن لم أرسال عائدات الضرائب في الوقت المحدد؟
Are there penalties if I don't send my tax return in time?
Asking if there are penalties if you don't send your tax return in time
من سيعلمني______________________؟
Who will let me know ______________ ?
Asking who will let you know if you are entitled to have a refund or if you have to pay more taxes
كم مبلغ الإعادة
how much my refund is
Tax return option
إن كان علي دفع المزيد من الضرائب
if I owe more tax
Tax return option