Phrases - Personal

The phrasebook category for personal correspondence includes templates for how to write formal letters, how to write invitations and how to write other announcements. The corresponding description lets you know if the phrase is formal or conversational.

The subcategories for personal correspondence contain phrases to help you with writing letters, making announcements or sending out invitations. How to address a written correspondence depends on the region and the language. The writing letters section includes templates for addressing your letters and invitations correctly to make sure they get delivered.

It is easy to correct yourself when speaking, letting mistakes slip is rarely a big deal. However, when writing, you do not have a second chance. You will not be there to give explanations to your reader or readers. As a result, your writing must be pleasant, but also clear and without any ambiguity. In some occasions, misunderstandings are not an option. As we all know, such an instance can very easily happen in our own language, let alone when writing in a foreign language. Because you do not want your personal writings to ridicule you, it is helpful to have access to turnkey phrasebooks about how to write in a different language.

Using the right tone, the words which will have the impact you hoped for and the lexical field your readers expect, you can only enhance the happiness they will feel upon reading your message.

The importance of tone is too often underestimated. Whether you are writing an email to a friend or sending a congratulations card to a newlywed couple, you clearly do not want to mix up genres! Being too formal in the former is embarrassing while being too familiar in the latter would be uncalled for. Make sure you double check what you wrote before sending anything.

How to write a formal letter or which letter introduction sentence to use can be very different from one language to another. What to write in an informal letter can be just as difficult to decide. When it comes to how to write wedding invitations, for example, even native speakers have problems. “You are cordially invited...” is a big step away from “Would you like to come to...”. Knowing which level to use can be very problematic. The phrases dictionary includes descriptions for which situations to use a given phrase.

There are of course many occasions for which you may be brought to write a card: weddings, engagements, births, professional promotions, academic success but also, alas, burials and hospitalisations. In such saddening events, you ought to give the utmost care of what you send. Grief can lead to the most surprising reactions and using the right words is vital, especially in some cultures or spheres where receivers would not condone what would appear to be bad manners.

The language we use when texting tends to become shorter and shorter. It can seem obscure in your own language, imagine what it looks like between two people using a pidgin language to communicate. It can only be a source of confusion and non-communication. Quite fortunately, we have been exploring the depth and mysteries of the SMS-languages in many language combinations that should help you decipher pretty much any abbreviation, shortcut and other youth slang you may be confronted with.

We hope you find exactly the right words with our phrase dictionary.