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كما أفهم ذلك
din punctul meu de vedere
Used after explaining something from your point of view
ما هو عمرك، جنسك، موقعك؟
vârstă, sex, locaţie
Used when instant messaging to find out a person's age, gender and location
في هذه اللحظة
Used to mean right now
سأكون معك لاحقا
revin mai târziu
Used when you need to leave an instant message conversation for a while
أراك لاحقا
Used when saying goodbye
صدق أو لا تصدق
crezi sau nu
Used after mentioning something that is surprising
سأعود حالا
revin imediat
Used when you need to leave an instant message conversation for a while
أحضر معك البيرة الخاصة بك
adu-ţi berea de acasă
Used on party invites to let people know they should bring their own alcohol
mai vorbim
Used when saying goodbye
أراك لاحقا
vorbim mai încolo
Used when saying goodbye
هل أنا أعرفك؟
te cunosc?
Used when you don't recognise the person who has messaged you
نهاية الرسالة
sfârşitul mesajului
Used as an automated response when a conversation or SMS message ends
pentru informaţia ta
Used when telling someone something that is specific to them or when interjecting upon a preconceived idea someone has
علي الذهاب
trebuie să plec
Used when something suddenly comes up and you have to leave the computer
في رأيي
după părerea mea
Used when giving a personal opinion
برأيي المتواضع
după umila mea părere
Used when giving a personal opinion
أنا مدين لك
îţi sunt dator
Used when someone does something for you and you want to let them know that you owe them a favour
أمزح معك
glumeam doar
Used after making a joke, which is ambiguous whether or not it is serious
mai târziu
Used when saying goodbye or when you are not currently free to do something but will do it later on
أضحك بصوت عال
râzând în hohote
Used as a reaction when you find something funny
أعتقد أنه عملك الخاص
vezi-ţi de treabă
Used when you want to keep something private
ليس الآن
nu acum
Used when you are not free to do something right away
أطلب نقاشا
cerere de discuţie
Used when you want to talk to someone about something
أجب على الرسالة
scrie înapoi
Used at the end of an SMS when you want a reply
لأكون نزيها
ca să-ţi spun drept
Used to explain or clarify your personal opinion on a subject
شكرا مقدما
mulţumesc în avans
Used when thanking someone before they have helped you
Used when thanking someone
سأتحدث إليك لاحقا
vorbim mai târziu
Used when saying goodbye
pentru tine
Used when sending something to a particular person