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SMS and Web - Short Codes

AIUI (as I understand it)
Anladığım kadarıyla
Used after explaining something from your point of view
ASL (age, sex, location?)
ASL/YCY (yaş, cinsiyet, yer)
Used when instant messaging to find out a person's age, gender and location
ATM (at the moment)
Tam şu an
Used to mean right now
BBL (be back later)
TBO (tekrar burada olacağım)
Used when you need to leave an instant message conversation for a while
BCNU (be seeing you)
GÜ (görüşmek üzere)
Used when saying goodbye
BION (believe it or not)
İster inan ister inanma
Used after mentioning something that is surprising
BRB (be right back)
Terkrar burada olacağım
Used when you need to leave an instant message conversation for a while
BYOB (bring your own beer)
KBKG (Kendi biranızı kendiniz getirin)
Used on party invites to let people know they should bring their own alcohol
CU (see you)
GG (Güle güle)
Used when saying goodbye
CUL (see you later)
SG (Sonra görüşürüz)
Used when saying goodbye
DIKU (do I know you?)
Sizi tanıyor muyum?
Used when you don't recognise the person who has messaged you
EOM (end of message)
Mesajın sonu
Used as an automated response when a conversation or SMS message ends
FYI (for your information)
Bilginize / bilgine
Used when telling someone something that is specific to them or when interjecting upon a preconceived idea someone has
G2G (got to go)
Gitmem gerekiyor/lazım
Used when something suddenly comes up and you have to leave the computer
IMO (in my opinion)
Used when giving a personal opinion
IMHO (in my humble opinion)
Benim fikrime göre
Used when giving a personal opinion
IOU (I owe you)
Size borçluyum
Used when someone does something for you and you want to let them know that you owe them a favour
J/K (just kidding)
Sadece şakaydı
Used after making a joke, which is ambiguous whether or not it is serious
L8R (later)
Daha sonra
Used when saying goodbye or when you are not currently free to do something but will do it later on
LOL (laughing out loud)
Sesli güldüm
Used as a reaction when you find something funny
MYOB (mind your own business)
Kendi işine bak
Used when you want to keep something private
NRN (not right now)
Şu an değil
Used when you are not free to do something right away
RFD (request for discussion)
Bir konuda konuşma ricası
Used when you want to talk to someone about something
TB (text back)
Cevap ver
Used at the end of an SMS when you want a reply
TBH (to be honest)
Açıkçası/dürüst olmak gerekirse
Used to explain or clarify your personal opinion on a subject
TIA (thanks in advance)
Şimdiden teşekkürler
Used when thanking someone before they have helped you
THX (thanks)
Used when thanking someone
TTYL (talk to you later)
Sonra konuşmak üzere
Used when saying goodbye
4U (for you)
Sana özel / senin için
Used when sending something to a particular person