Phrases - Travel

The travel phrases offer all the information you need for your journey abroad, including all the sentences you are most likely to need in all sorts of situations. Use the Phrases dictionary to communicate with people who speak a different language when travelling in foreign countries. Choose a category below that matches your needs to find out the phrases you are looking for:

The phrases for travelling are divided in several subcategories to help you find the phrase you want faster. You will find linguistic information about health, accommodation, shopping, money, how to use a computer set in a foreign language and even how to flirt! While travelling, using English is not always an efficient solution, then why not speak to the locals directly in their mother tongue? Without having to learn the whole language or complicated grammar rules, our travel guide gives you turnkey sentences that you simply need to read to make yourself understood. All parts of the Phrases dictionary, which we also call a survival guide to foreign languages, will cover most situations that you might encounter during your journey, let it be complaining about your hotel room or the food in a restaurant, making basic conversation and using the computer abroad when keeping your friends and family at home up to date.

The travel phrase book consists of conversation survival guides. This is a great help where you can learn basic words and phrases to get you through your stay abroad. Now you can introduce yourself to people you meet while travelling and ask locals for directions to certain sights and attractions. It is always nice and polite to try and speak the native language of the country you are visiting to show the people you want to explore their culture, country and language.

Imagine yourself being on your holiday and after a long day walking around a city you want to treat yourself with really nice food and preferably a local specialty. In the survival guide you will find help asking for a recommendation for a good restaurant, how to order drinks and food and how to ask for the bill. You will even find some guidance on how to express that you are allergic to something or on how to complain about the food or service of that restaurant.

When we travel we may face many situations where we have and want to complain about something. May it be the hotel room that is missing something, like a towel or a pillow, may it be the food in a restaurant that is too cold or overcooked or may it be problems with the rental service of a car you would like to rent. The complaints phrase book provides you with useful sentences for any of these situations and more. Plus it even gives you a couple of phrases that contain swearwords so you will really be able to speak like a local.

You will also benefit from being able to express yourself in an idiomatic way that will please your hosts and render your stay more pleasant and more real: an in-depth experience that lets you discover a country and a culture from a different perspective. Speaking without using a third language as an intermediate language also prevents the loss of information or misunderstandings. It can save you from an urgent situation where showing what you want to say is the safest and fastest method.

We hope you enjoy your holiday and have a safe journey!