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Accommodations - Finding

Where can I find ___?
أين يمكنني إيجاد____________؟
Asking for directions to accommodation
... a room to rent?
.... غرفة للإيجار؟
Type of accommodation
... a hostel?
... فندق رخيص؟
Type of accommodation
... a hotel?
Type of accommodation
... a bed and breakfast?
...نزل للنوم والفطور؟
Type of accommodation
... a camping site?
...موقع تخييم؟
Type of accommodation
What are the prices like there?
ما هي الأسعار هنا؟
Enquiring about the prices

Accommodations - Booking

Do you have any rooms available?
هل لديكم غرف متوافرة؟
Asking if the accommodation has spare rooms
How much is a room for ___ people?
كم سعر الغرفة ل ____ شخصا/أشخاص؟
Asking for the price of a room
I would like to book ___.
أرغب في حجز_____.
Booking a specific room
... a double room.
...غرفة مزدوجة.
Room for two people
... a single room.
... غرفة مفردة.
Room for one person
... a room for ___ people.
... غرفة ل___ شخص/أشخاص.
Room for X people
... a non-smoking room.
...غرفة لغير المدخنين.
Room for non-smokers
I would like to book a room with ___.
أرغب في حجز غرفة مع _____.
Asking for a room with additional amenities
... a double bed.
... سرير مزدوج.
bed for two
... separate beds.
... أسرة منفصلة.
single beds
... a balcony.
... شرفة.
... an adjoining bathroom.
... حمام ملاصق.
Room includes a private bathroom
... an ocean view.
إطلالة على المحيط.
Room includes an ocean view
... an extra bed.
... سرير إضافي.
Asking for an additional bed in the hotel room
I would like to book a room for ___ night(s)/week(s).
أرغب في حجز غرفة ل ____ ليلة/أسبوع.
Booking a room for a specified period
Do you have any special rooms for handicapped people?
هل لديكم أي غرفة مخصصة للأشخاص المعاقين؟
Asking for a special room for the handicapped
I am allergic to ____ [dust/furred animals]. Do you have any special rooms available?
لدي حساسية ل ______(الغبار/الحيوانات ذات الفرو). هل لديكم غرفة خاصة متوافرة؟
Asking for a special room due to allergies
May I see the room first?
هل يمكنني رؤية غرفتي أولا؟
Asking to see the room prior to booking
Is breakfast included?
هل الفطور متضمن؟
Asking if the price includes breakfast
Are towels/bed linen included?
هل البياضات للوسائد والسرير متضمنة؟
Asking if the price includes towels and bed linen
Are pets allowed?
هل من المسموح اصطحاب الحيوانات الأليفة؟
Asking if pets are allowed
Do you have a parking garage/lot?
هل لديكم مرآب خاص بالركن؟
Enquiring where to park your car
Do you have safety lockers/a safe?
هل لديكم أية خزائن خاصة بالأمانات؟
Enquiring where to store your valuables

Accommodations - During your stay

Where can I find room number ___?
أين يمكنني إيجاد الغرفة رقم____؟
Asking for directions to a certain room
The key for room number___, please!
مفتاح الغرفة رقم_____، من فضلك!
Asking for your room key
Has anyone asked for me?
هل سأل أحد عني؟
Enquiring whether there are any messages for you
Where can I sign up for the excursion?
أين يمكنني التسجيل في رحلة؟
Asking where to make a reservation for an excursion
Where can I make a call?
أين يمكنني إجراء اتصال؟
Asking where the public phone is
When is breakfast served?
متى يقدم الفطور؟
Asking at what times breakfast is served
Please wake me up tomorrow at___.
من فضلك أيقظني غدا عند الساعة______.
Requesting a wake up call
Could you call a taxi, please?
هل يمكنك الاتصال بتاكسي من فضلك؟
Requesting a taxi
Can I use the internet here?
هل يمكنني استخدام الإنترنت هنا؟
Enquiring about the internet connection
Would you recommend any good restaurants nearby?
هل يمكنك اقتراح مطاعم جيدة قريبة؟
Asking for restaurant recommendations
Would you please clean my room?
هل يمكنكم تنظيف غرفتي من فضلك؟
Asking for the room to be cleaned
I don't want the room to be cleaned right now.
لا أريد أن يتم تنظيف غرفتي الآن.
Asking for the room to be cleaned later
Could you please bring another blanket/pillow/towel?
هل يمكنك جلب بطانية/وسادة/منشفة أخرى؟
Asking for additional items
Could you please bring this to the laundry room to be cleaned?
هل يمكنك أخذ هذه إلى غرفة غسيل الملابس ليتم تنظيفها؟
Requesting to clean a specific clothing item of yours
I would like to check out, please.
أرغب في تسجيل الخروج من فضلك.
Informing that you are leaving and would like to pay the bill
We really enjoyed our stay here.
لقد استمتعنا بإقامتنا هنا حقا.
Complimenting the hotel while checking out

Accommodations - Complaints

I would like a different room.
أرغب في الحصول على غرفة أخرى.
Asking for another room
The heating does not work.
التدفئة لا تعمل هنا.
Informing about the broken heating
The air conditioning does not work.
المكيف لا يعمل.
Informing about the broken air conditioning
The room is very noisy.
الغرفة معرضة للكثير من الضجيج.
Informing about the loud noises
The room smells bad.
الغرفة ذات رائحة سيئة.
Informing about the bad smell
I requested a non-smoking room.
لقد طلبت غرفة لغير المدخنين.
I requested a room with a view.
لقد طلبت غرفة مع إطلالة.
My key does not work.
مفتاحي لا يعمل.
Informing that your key does not fit
The window does not open.
النافذة لا تفتح.
Informing that the window does not open
The room has not been cleaned.
لم يتم تنظيف الغرفة.
Informing that the room is still dirty
There are mice / rats / bugs in the room.
هناك فئران/جرذان /حشرات في الغرفة.
There is no hot water.
لا توجد مياه ساخنة.
I did not receive my wake-up call.
لم أتلق اتصال الإيقاظ الخاص بي.
The bill is overcharged.
الفاتورة مرتفعة جدا.
My neighbour is too loud.
جاري يصدر الكثير من الضجيج.